Friday, April 3, 2009

Stencil instead of decal
This is clever. There are so many vinyl decals out there on the market to decorate your walls with - I am not that crazy about the plasticky, slick look of decals but I do like this stenciled version - from here. What do you think? A weekend project?

Random Objects | Candlestick covers
Aren't these a clever idea and such pretty patterns - some people have such good ideas - I'd like to cover the entire world with pattern - I wonder if that's a good idea. Candle stick covers from here

Summer decor - bring it on.
This is the most summery bed spread I've seem in ages and all the accessories to go with it. It looks almost Hawaiian. (Have you noticed how vintage Suzanis often look like hawaiian quilts - just a cultural observation - there's probably some anthropological reason for that - which is a coincidence since these beautiful wares are from Anthropologie.)

Woops, how did this super duper, extra fab little bag get on my blog  . . . . .

From here of course.
Another clever idea 
This must be Clever Idea Day at the cafe today! Vinyl laser cut mats from Arzu Firuz via Oh Joy. Available in lots of colours and designs - very clever.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Check out these photographs - how totally, authentically filthy and spooky. I love it! I know it's not exactly inspiring but it is artistic! And I am certain you will love these photos too! Looks like nothing has been touched for a century, very cool.

Designer | Fiona Howard
These prints are wonderful. we featured the work of this designer a few months ago(must find that link). Fiona Howard designed this for Sanderson in the UK. Real throw back to vintage bark cloth isn't it? What do you think - is this a retro 1950s or 60s look? Looks great in it's contemporary form what ever vintage.

The bottom 2 images are not from Fiona Howard - they are, however, also from Sanderson .
Random Object | Etsy brooch
A sweet little bird brooch from Naomi Murrell. This reminds me of vintage Spanish design for some reason.  Very nicely done. She has a teak version of this design too!

From here

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Retro Eclectic
Did you see this image on Poppytalk the other day? I love it - so much to look at. The rest of the home is really retro and eclectic - check it out.

Window Shopping | Blue Q
I bought these paint by numbers totes from Blue Q when I was in Victoria - at Fan Tan Gallery. They are so fun. 

Inspiration | Chinoiserie
Some wonderful Chinoiserie. I am so drawn to these images. I love Chinese art and that wonderful red - fabulous.

Inspiration | Chinoiserie
Another sweet little piece of Chinoiserie - from a different source. I think this piece was produced in the 1940s for the western market - the florals in this piece are slightly different from what you would find on Chinese textiles made for the Chinese market. Great colours. There are a few more pieces here.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Window Shopping | New at Graham and Green
How delicious - new things from Graham and Green! Love this chest of drawers - would look great in our house. And the silk pillows on that super, french-looking sofa are so pretty.

Inspiration | vintage buttons
These buttons are available here. They caught my eye because of the cream and pale green on the grey background - bold and inspiring colour combination - amazing where you can get inspiration from!

Random Objects | Polkadot slingbacks from JCrew

What can I say? They're perfect - like works of art.
Inspiration | Ceramics from Jill Rosenwald
Check these out - really unique ceramics from Jill Rosenwald. I like these oversized and offset patterns a lot - very inspiring and unique. You can see more of her beautiful wares here.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Inspiration | posters and covers
I ran across these great posters the other day and I wanted to share them with you. I was putting the post together when I noticed some vintage magazine covers nearby. They just seemed like interesting vintage companions to these modern gig posters. There are lots of poster websites online to purchase gig posters from - for example this one. There are also great resources to find vintage covers - like this one.

Spotted at the weekend
We have a nice little antique store here in Nelson - The Bronze Peacock - and when I was in there on Saturday I spotted this lovely little vignette. I beautiful copy of Osa Johnson's well known book, "I Married Adventure" clasped between these two wonderful brass gazelles - how perfect. This stylish book is such a collectors item since it became popular with photographers and stylists - often to be spotted on coffee tables in the pages of Elle Decor and Architectural Digest. It's an eye catching prop and a very good read to boot!

Cartolina News
I am excited to tell you about a new retailer that we have. Cartolina products will be available at ABC in New York in a couple of weeks. If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that they are one of my favourite stores to visit when we are in New York. The paper boutique in ABC is called Cursive(great name) Cursive are also opening an outlet at Grand Central Terminal in the next few weeks. 

Our other piece of news is for our wholesale buyers - we have just started working on a new e-commerce site for Cartolina. So it will probably take us a couple of weeks but as soon as it is up and running buyers will be able to browse product catalogs and order directly online - making it all very streamlined. If you would like to be notified when the new system is up and running just shoot me an email and I will put you on the mailing list. Thanks!
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