Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for visiting The Cafe this week. I hope I inspired you to put your best creative foot forward this weekend. Thanks to all who became fans of our new Cartolina Facebook page this week. And for all of you who were wondering - yes, the white makeover has been approved by 'the management' and you can look forward to some obsessive decorating posts around the end of July - now there's something to look forward to ;-) See you Monday!

Loved these as soon as I laid eyes on them this morning at Delaney Gates. Confetti paper chains by Kristina Marie.


A couple of pictures that caught my eye this week. The first is a collection of cast iron seahorses that are to die for. I would like to have all of these on my window sill - in my new white living room ;-) From a really great post on At West End at Comfort and Luxury. The second is a picture that Doug's cousin, Tony Mayer, took in New Orleans of a cast iron horse's head on a post.


I am in awe of these fabulous little treasures - these are knockers from vintage, french door knockers. I would like to have this entire collection - wouldn't you? Also the French paper soldiers would look amazing as part of a display. Anything old and intriguing - love it. You can find all of these lovely things at French Blue and Co.

Found - vintage

I'm sorry! I wish I could tell you that this is $34 and one of you should go snap it up right now - but it's not. It's a bit more than that - sorry! But we can admire from afar can't we? I'd love to have this - but it would eat right into my redecorating budget! If you would like more info on this fabulous piece - you can find it here at Every Eskimo.

Found - vintage

This is a cool, though odd, piece - very tall table from this Etsy seller. Do you think someone has added the extra legs to the bottom? Looks like it's perfect for a makeover - or, like me, you might prefer it as-is!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inspiration - vintage glasses

These are fun - vintage juice glasses. We have some of these and I love them - they are indestructible and a really great 6 oz size. Ours are not as pretty as these. Hope these can inspire your day in some way :-)

Inspiration - vintage souvenir scarves

These pillows are made from original vintage souvenir scarves from the 50s and 60s. Made by a Chicago artist they are available at Posh. What a great idea - I've often seen these kind of scarves at the thrift store.

Inspiration - guest post at sfgirlbybay

Yesterday Dana from Yellowtrace put together a really great guest post for Victoria at sfgirlbybay. I think you will love it - here are some highlights . . can you guess what the theme is? . .

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vintage books

Oh these are so fun. Small bundles of vintage books. I'd like to spend my day wrapping ribbons around these little treasures. Instant collections - all yours from Sadie Olive.


As of last night we have a Cartolina Facebook page! I can hear the collective groan! Yes it's true! I have actually resisted joining Facebook until now - not sure why! Anyway I'd love a few Facebook friends - so here's the link and hopefully I can keep it interesting. Thanks!

Favourite things

A few of my favourite things - vintage engravings of butterflies. I specifically like these because of their gestures. I expect these were illustrated in the late 19th century - lovely.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Window Shopping

This first pillow makes me very happy - how can you not love those colours together? I'm fantasizing about bright colours because I finally bit the bullet and got a quote from a painter to paint our main floor all white - walls, trim and ceilings. I haven't committed yet but it's very tempting. Stay tuned - if I do go all white I will definitely take before and afters. Pillows and rugs from Company C.

Window shopping

Oh, I just got so excited about a white house with wood accents and bright coloured accessories. All of these pretty things are from Graham and Green - a pink sofa, hey why not? Anythings better than all the earth tones we have right now!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Just checking in and noticed that we had hit 600 followers here at The Cafe. I am delighted! Who knew that so many people would stop by for a few minutes each morning for a dose of inspiration in one form or another. Thank you - I am flattered!

Road Trip

We took a ride on the Kootenay Lake ferry yesterday over to Crawford Bay, on our way to Doug's parents' place. I thought you might like to see the studio of one of our local artisans - North Woven Broom Co. It really is a log cabin! They make the most fabulous brooms in this log studio which they sell all over the world - and we picked one up for Doug's dad's workshop. They make dozens of different shapes and styles(they even made the flying broom that's featured in the Harry Potter movies.) the smell when you walk into the cabin is overwhelming - smells like hay, smells like horses in fact! Crawford Bay is rather remote, and really just a summer season kind of place - so the broom makers make brooms for 7 months of the year and vacation for the other 5 - sounds good doesn't it?

Give me a shout if you are coming out this way for a vacation - I'll give a list of all the artisans in the area.

Found - vintage

Keeping it rustic today at The Cafe lets have a look at a couple of vintage camp stools and chairs from Mouse Trap Vintage. Perfect for picnics and cabins - gotta love that vintage stripe!

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