Friday, April 17, 2009

I was quite intrigued when I first saw Erica Weiner's work in one of my magazines. I love the idea of combining tiny artifacts together to create a repurposed piece of heirloom jewelry - so fun and beautiful. Love her photography too.

Beautiful spaces.
Here are some very beautiful images to swoon over that have caught my eye in the last week or so. Love the wood floor detail in the bottom photo, don't you?

Rock stars
Here's another sweet little earthy gift to buy yourself - engraved rocks. It would be fun to have these in the garden. From Letterfest.

Feathery real estate
This is such a clever spring idea - fresh and fun and earthy - this would suite our house to a T - all the birds are madly seeking out their specific real estate requirements around our trees at the moment - its a nesting frenzy out there. From Pillow Happy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Emma.
I still have to take pictures of our house for a sneak peek on design*sponge - Grace asked me a couple of months ago and I haven't done it yet.  I just wanted to wait until it was a bit sunnier - everyone's home looks nicer on a sunny day right? Maybe I should get Emma Michell to come over and style our place and take pictures too - she certainly knows what she's doing, look at these gorgeous images  . . . . . 

Inspiration | tiny vintage treasures
There are places that I know of, in different cities around the world, where I can go and stock up on perfect little treasure from days gone by that inspire my design work and  give me classic graphic design references that are hard to find these days. One of those places is a store called Au Petit Bonheur La Chance in Village St Paul in Paris. It is chock a block full of tiny little vintage labels, buttons, signs and cahiers from old french schools, shops and market stalls. It's like a treasure hunt - I love it and I always come away with lots of good stuff. The last time I was there I bought boxes of vintage french holiday greeting stickers from around 1910. Anyway, I always thought you had to travel far and wide to find all those vintage goodies but yesterday I was at d.Sharp and saw this pretty image on her blog(below) - it caught my eye and I followed the link to an online Canadian store that sells all sorts of wonderful little treasures just like I would find in the flea markets in Paris. Here are a few of the goodies from Papier Valise . . . 

Above image is from
Below is a craft tutorial from Papier Valise blog
The above, and the following, items are all from Papier Valise's shop

Do you have a favourite online supply shop for your crafty or vintage treasures?
Decorating with Spirograph
Check out this wall paper from Walnut Wallpaper - it's like a Spirograph project. Did you have a Spirograph set when you were a kid? - I did!

This is a drawing that Doug did for Runners World magazine last month. I really loved the rough sketch that he did and was excited to see the printed piece - which arrived in our mail box yesterday. You can see there were a few small changes from the editor! Good job Doug!

This week Doug's working on a cover illustration for Forbes Magazine - it's looking really good  - I'll show you the finished piece when we get it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Object | pocket mirror
It's a simple little mirror but it caught my eye on Etsy the other day - I thought you might like it.

Art | Bespoke Press

I love this little, limited edition print. It's letterpressed by Bespoke Press and it can be yours for $30.

Inspiration | Wallpaper
Very pretty, shimmery wall paper from Anna French. I love her take on chintz - with a silver back drop - very cool. Would look amazing in an all white room don't you think?

Storage Systems 
I'm always on the look out for storage solutions and I love bull dog clips. So when I saw this organizing system I was very excited - I'm just not exactly sure what it is that they are organizing with this system - but it looks cool! Also really like the bucket system. I think this is an IKEA system - they have had it for years at their stores. Anyway, all these images have very pretty ideas for you to copy when you start spring cleaning!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't you need one of these?
Just what every blogger needs - a Foreign Correspondent's Desk - in blackened steel no less!. All these lovelies came to me by way of a long and winding road that started with my Country Living magazine, which I finally managed to get a hold of to see our Cartolina notebook feature(thanks mum!) If you would like to know where all these beautiful things came from just email me and I will go back in time and retrace my cybersteps for you.

One thing I do know is that these wonderful cushions come from
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