Friday, June 19, 2009

Have a great weekend!

Happy Friday - and enjoy your weekend everyone! Don't forget we are now Twittering right here and, if you are interested in our new Cartolina wholesale shopping site(brand new this week), email me and I will set you up with a link and a password. And finally, welcome to our newest Cartolina retailers this week - Unity Books, Auckland NZ, Fat Finch, Los Ranchos NM, Vroman's Bookstore LA, RR#1 Chicago, 2 Old Hippies Aspen, U of Vic. Bookstore BC and The Pink Crow in Ojai CA. Happy to add you all to our list of retailers. See you Monday!
Image by Hotze Eisma
Window Shopping
I was reading one of my favourite blogs last night - Curious Sofa Diaries and I came across a post about a book - "The Recycled Home". The images are fabulous - exactly the kind of style I love - using props that I love to collect. I thought you might like to see some images from the book.

As I read about the book I was curious to find out more about the author. Turns out this book is produced by a store in England called Baileys Home and Garden which is located in the various restored buildings of Whitecross Farm. Here are some images of the store - you must check out the site - it is beautiful and fascinating - you will want to go there immediately!

Random Objects
For all of us typoholics - did you know you can get these great marquee lights at Urban Outfitters? Me neither - very cool!

Random Objects
Now don't we all need one of these? Via here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Canadian House and Home

I was very happy to see that Cafe Cartolina was included in Canadian House and Home's list of "Design Sites We Like" yesterday. If you haven't visited their site in a while you must go and check out all their new blogs and beautiful design features. You can even follow them on Twitter(of which I am now an expert - well not quite, it's only been 4 days after all!) Oh and check out this PR - Apartment Therapy have crowned H&H as the "unequivocal Domino replacement" - well you certainly don't have to convince a Canadian of that!

Eye Candy
Here are some wonderful images by talented photographer Hans Zeegers of a home in Perpignan, France. I am all over those tiled floors - reminds me of these floors right here. 

Your next project . . . 
That clever cookie, Janice, over at Papier Valise has a great little tutorial on how to make sweet little fabric remnant notebooks. These are GREAT! I wish there were more hours in the day.

Must haves 
Got myself 3 of these baskets a couple of weeks ago from Urban Outfitters - put things in them,  hang things off them and pin things to them - very useful indeed!

Don't worry - get Happy
Have you seen this stuff - Happy Tape? This is new to me - and how fun! Lots to choose from right here. And also a blog with cute little ideas on what to do with your Happy Tape once you get it.

If you are lucky enough to live in the Venice Beach area you can get your pretty tape at Urbanic Paper Boutique!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sail away!
Oh boy I like this! This is right up my alley! From Jessi Taylor's Etsy shop. "This necklace is composed of sterling silver, and set with a vintage glass intaglio. The glass is embossed and painted in 3-d on the back with the image of a four-masted ship, cutting fearlessly through the blue waters of the high seas! " Yes please!

Random Objects
Very fun work from Under the Stair Studios in Bath, England.

Controlled gardening
These are so sweet! I love succulents in the garden. I like their compact architectural forms - very well designed indeed! And they are easy to control - don't shoot out in all directions which is good for a control freak like me! These are from Smith and Hawken - and, can I just say, if anyone is listening, I love S & H but their website is excruciatingly slow - what's up with that?

New Zaishu?
I have featured these little stool from Zaishu before here at the cafe but these are new designs (to my eyes at least.) I just noticed them at a very sweet Australian blog that you may already know, Glimpse of Style.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Black Sheep
Magnets with vintage children's book illustrations on them. I have to admit that these magnets are really not what Black Sheep Yarn's Etsy shop is all about at all (but I did find them there!) Black Sheep has an amazing collection of vintage buttons for sale - but we did buttons yesterday so we can wait until next week to see those. Anyway these magnets are very cute and I might just buy them right now!

Crafty Time
I was so taken by these fabric bowls that I saw on How About Orange that I had to go and check out the tutorial. These are so pretty and such a fun little craft.

Eye Candy
Since you enjoyed the images of the butterfly pillows last week I thought I would post a couple more (and a couple of butterfly textiles too) - all from

Inspiration- photography
Excruciatingly colourful images from fabulously talented photographer Adrian Briscoe. I love the bright colours combined with the grainy texture of these photographs - very unusual and intriguing.

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