Friday, July 3, 2009

Have a wonderful weekend - enjoy the all the weekend festivities(and if you're on the east coast I'll cross my fingers for sun!) See you all next week - ciao!

Why am I so drawn to these charms? I think it's because they remind me of all the tiny things you hope you will find in the bottom of boxes at the flea market and the antique stores. I'm always the one down on my hands and knees raking through boxes of old ephemera and when I get to the bottom of the box, or the back of the drawer, I always wish I'd find some forgotten trinket . . . just like these . . .

Random Objects
Looking for a fun way to personalize your art, a little bit of DYI or just a curiosity to sit on your mantelpiece? This gal has a whole bunch of these cool wooden letterpress letters. They are only $5.50 each and you'd better hurry before they are all gone.

I feel like I am seeing way too many Keep Calm posters these days. How about some new art for your walls? I love framed posters and there are some great ones available at Poster Cabaret. take a look at their collection I'm sure you'll see something that you like in the way of contemporary art.

Need some end of the week inspiration? Here are 3 images that catch my eye every time I see them in my little stash of eye candy that I keep close at hand. First image is from Purl Bee. Second is from a birdy project and third is a lovely shot of Maryams stenciled floors. 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Playing hooky!
So it's a rather short post today. Here's what happened - it was a big holiday here yesterday - Canada Day - first official day of summer holidays! I was going to work all day but, contrary to my workaholic nature, I quit at lunch time and went to the beach. It was such a beautiful day! We got home late and there just wasn't time for my usual evening flurry of blogging activity - woops! {don't worry I'll make up for it tomorrow!}

Eye Candy
A beautiful interior photographed by the brilliant Alexander Van Berge. This is the Dutch home of Maria de Haan who obviously loves to collect all the wonderful curiosities that we love here at Cafe Cartolina. You have to look very closely at all the pictures to recognize all the cool details.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

It's a holiday up here today. So, wherever you are, take the day off, head to the beach and enjoy yourself!
Fixer upper anyone?
I think you enjoyed yesterday's photographs of old books so today I have a Flickr set called Forgotten Places from Sam. Some good old grunge! Don't know about you but I find it fascinating!

Now let it be known that I don't normally feature other card designers on Cafe Cartolina - for obvious reasons  :-)  But these are quite special. These are handmade pop-up cards from Crank Bunny and I think they are beautiful. Yes I do.

Check out all these gorgeous craft supplies you can buy these days. Makes me want to start a whole new craft business . I seriously have to restrain myself from jumping on every crafty bandwagon that rolls past - do you have that problem? - I have every tool and every craft supply available. Seriously though I love all the pretty curlycews and vintage looking findings  available these days.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Objects
Very cute screen printed felt from Lucie Summers via Poppytalk yesterday. How sweet are these - love the random, hand drawn pattern.

When you have a moment check out Jelen's Flickr set, diary of the book-lover. She has photographed hundreds of piles of old books and it is a joy to browse through them. This is such a great idea for a Flickr set - wish I had thought of that!

Random Objects
I have a few vintage tins that I collected about 10 years ago. I don't collect them anymore(a bit too shabby chic now) but I still love to see originals - and I still have a few nice ones in the cupboard with a variety of tiny treasures in them. They are hard to resist aren't they? These ones from this Ebay seller via Brocante Home.

Random Objects
Pretty little purses from Mingus

Monday, June 29, 2009

Good morning - hope you all had a great weekend - we spent most of it painting and renovating so we were very busy. I don't usually post at this time of the day - and I don't usually post images of animals but I thought you might get a chuckle from these pictures I took of Mimi, the studio cat, who considers the broom to be a spa treatment - oh Mimi, if only it was that simple!

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