Friday, August 13, 2010

Found - Viva Zapata

If I was going to The Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, September 11th + 12th, I would head right over to Viva Zapata and pick myself up one of these fab bags. You really must check out their website. There's so much cool stuff including the intro which features images of the cool, vintage, South American pop culture that inspires their brand. I love this company, they have nailed their brand - their site is a brilliant example of a consistent product supporting a solid brand with a great story to back them up - you must go!

Found - Orangy Porangy

These skirts, featuring vintage fabrics are so sweet and beautifully made. You can admire more of these lovelies at Orangy Porangy's website - some people have such good ideas, don't they?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

inspiration - vintage containers and props

This is a fun post. If you've ever wondered where people get all those cool vintage containers and props for their eclectic/boho style studios and workshops, well look no more. Three Potato Four have an amazing selection of really interesting vintage pieces - in multiples - that could make your studio look fabulously interesting and inspire you to be fabulously more creative. The selection is almost endless - boxes, trays, bottles, cans and props . . .

You may notice things getting a little sparse around here over the next few days. My vacation officially starts soon and so I will be taking a little bit of time off from work and blogging. It's great to have a rest at this time of the year and then come back relaxed and inspired - full of good ideas. I'll be here for a few more days and then off next wednesday - I'm just giving you a little heads-up :-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Artists - Inaluxe

This artist's work is new to me - I spotted these prints at Bloesem this week. Being in the market for art these days I was attracted to these colourful pieces. You can see more of these interesting, mid century inspired pieces by Australian Inaluxe right here.

Inspiration - tea set

Well, inspiration comes in many forms here at The Cafe and this morning I am feeling overwhelmingly inspired by this tea set from Susabella Brownstein. How can you not be? Photographing this set on a black background is a brilliant idea - the orange and the green the repeat pattern of the 4 cups - faaaaabulous! Phew!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There's so much repro celluloid jewelry out there these days, it's nice to see some originals - at least I think they are originals! From this Etsy seller.

Inspiration - vintage linoleum

Why didn't I think of this? Doug and I have renovated a whole bunch of Victorian houses in the last 15 years, here in Nelson, and boy we've taken a lot of vintage linoleum to the landfill. I have a few pieces in our scrap book of home renos but I should totally have thought of framing a few pieces - like these from Enhabiten . . . . they are so pretty. You can get yours right here!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Artists - Anna Emilia

Have you seen these beautiful paintings by Anna Emilia? They are quite charming. Make me feel like picking up a paint brush and creating something pretty - which I guess is what art is all about, inspiring you to see things differently and creatively.

Inspiration - the bold and the brave!

These are too cute. This gal has such a great eye for scale - she's not scared in the least to use oversized elements in her work - I really appreciate that! It's good to do the unexpected. Good design combined with a brave attitude will catch my eye every time. She also has some fab, flowery belts that you will LOVE!

Fab bags from Mojo Spa Style.

Inspiration - oil cloth covered room

I spotted this room, covered from head to toe in oil cloth, at ReadyMade. It got me wondering what's new in the oil cloth biz(for instance I don't remember seeing this particular pattern, on the walls below, at any of our local oil cloth stockists. What I did find was Viva La Frida who stock some great designs and also some great saddle bags for your bike in very pretty, girly, yet durable, oil cloth.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to remind you if you're going to trade shows this weekend(tis the season) stop by and check out all our new Cartolina goodies at The CGTA Show in Toronto - Booth 11257. And in Melbourne you can find us at The Reed Gift Fair, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Booth 5516 right through til Wednesday!

This gorgeous summery image is from a stunning collection available for purchase at AbbyTrysAgain
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