Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween | Pretty pumpkin pictures
Okay , I am not going to lie to you  - I am not much into Halloween. Sorry folks. But I am going to post some nice pictures of pumpkins. Just bear with me if I get distracted!

What do you mean, those aren't pumpkins? Sure they are! Nice colourful leather ones!
Ephemera | Halloween 
Great Halloween ephemera frohere.

Random Objects  | Orange for Halloween :-)

Finally a good excuse to post these 2 wonderful orange things. Vintage Paris souvenir from my collection and very fun pillow from Pedlars.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inspiration | Hand painted signage

This hand painted type is on a shutter on the outside of a cafe in France. The guilded trompe l'oeil trim is hand painted too. I have many photographs of this cafe - the signage is so beautiful. Type setters and sign painters were considered skilled artists in their time.

Here's another sign from the same cafe this time it is a mosaic! 
Only in France would they go to so much trouble to advertise hot chocolate!
Ephemera | Matchbox covers
I have thousands of these beautiful little works of art in my collection. I bought an entire lot at an auction once just to get the "PETITE" one. And the Italian ones below are such brilliant examples of Victorian type design. Love em.

Random Objects | French Jugs
Two very handsome jugs with great type slapped boldly on their sides 
- get yours here at Posh

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Inspiration | Textiles | Interiors
I am thrilled that so many of you come to Cafe Cartolina everyday. I am hoping you come because you love the same rich colours, bold patterns and interesting, vintage inspired objets d'art that I do. Everyday I am so inspired by the design world and how lucky we are to be able to source and share fabulous images like these from Mulberry Home.

Don't you love these images? Some of the design houses have such talented stylists and photographers to really showcase their products. I can get lost in some of these images they evoke such style and emotion. Next time you are looking for style inspiration checkout the best of the textile design houses and get lost in their pages and pages of imagery.
Random Objects | Vintage wire baskets
A simple, utilitarian item like a vintage wire basket can look like a work of art when it is styled and photographed beautifully! Check this out . . . 

I am such a sucker for artistic styling. I get great satisfaction out of artfully arranging mundane objects into stylish vignettes. And on the switch side, a wonderfully designed object may not catch my eye if presented poorly(and it certainly won't make it to Cafe Cartolina!) Beautifully presented, antique wire baskets from Rocket St George

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inspiration | John Derian

Whenever I see John Derian's work I am reminded that Mr Derian and I must have very similar collections of vintage ephemera. I love his choice of images especially these cakes.
Random Objects | French General

Have you been to French General? Their site is lovely and there are so many cool french inspired goods - very nice. I think they actually have a bricks and mortar store - have you been there?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Inspiration | Patterns
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm really busy at the moment with Cartolina - holiday orders, new designs, new products etc. There's not much time for anything else at the moment. But one of the best parts of my days is to sit down for a few minutes and put together the next day's post for Cafe Cartolina. I browse through my folders of inspiration and binders of magazine clippings and curate my own little art show. I love it. It's the last thing I do in the studio every day and it energizes me to start again the next morning. Here are a few things that leapt out at me last night.

I can't always remember where I have found every image. Some are from 3 or 4 years ago. But if you really need to know, email me and I can do my best to source them!
Random Objects | Suzani slippers

Very sweet little suzani slippers in velvet from Malabar.
Inspiration | Wireware

Funny how wireware inspires me to doodle. Lovely little wire basket from Cosas(so many cute European items on this site.)
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