Thursday, December 1, 2011

Make some noise

This is an antique childrens' noise maker. Looks like it's from the 30s maybe. Wonderful vintage graphics! From Emmy Lucy.

Your weekend project!

I love these and, as soon as I have a spare minute - ha! - I am going to try to make some. The tutorial is here at How About Orange. A great little project for the weekend. These neon colours look great don't they?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Perpetually pretty!

This is a perpetual calendar! Not sure if I completely understand it yet - but it's so decorative I'd hang it on the wall anyway! It's from this very sweet shop - Papier Tigre. Lots of fun stuff in store.

This antique dealer has an amazing selection of vintage seltzer bottles for sale - hundreds of them. They're from Argentina and the designs an colours are quite mind blowing. Very pretty! And while your there, check out the refurbished dial phones. So cool.

Random object . .

Very pretty vintage pillow from here. Looks like it's embroidered yarn. It's got such a cheery feel - couldn't resist it on this rather dull November day!

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