Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Objects | Glassware

I love vintage glassware and since we were all about food and dinnerware yesterday we should have a look at some really unique glasses available from Vagabond and Posh. We went to istanbul a few years ago and drank a lot of apple tea from silver glasses very similar to the ones above. And I am pretty sure the top sets are genuinely vintage - very cool!
Random Objects | soft bags, purses

Just noticed these very pretty fabric clutches over at Wedding Style Guide blog yesterday(beautiful blog from Australia). Produced by Etsy seller Ruby Rose. The leather ones are from one of my favourite Etsy sellers, Bonspiel and the top one (which has been on my wish list for way too long) is from Anthro.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

EphemeraMrs Beeton
The food photography in the latest Martha Stewart Living got me thinking about Mrs Beeton. So I got out my books and scanned a couple of pages for you so that next time you prepare a 'bouquet of prawns' you will know the correct way to display them!

Random Objects | Cake Stands
The most perfect china cake stands from Clara French for your perfect victoria sponge cakes!

Window Shopping | Dinnerware from Anthropologie
Look no further than Anthro for wonderful unusual dinnerware to serve up your holiday meal on - Mrs Beeton would be proud!

I especially love the patterned bowls - I think it's the unusual way the same pattern is applied to both the outside and inside of the bowls(they remind me of Indian papier mache bowls.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New green retailer | Pistachio
About a year ago we were contacted by Canada's largest book seller, Chapters, to be part of their new concept stores, Pistachio. Well we are excited to say that the first 2 Pistachio stores are now open in Ontario. Pistachio is Chapter's new chain of "green" stores. They will be carrying stationery, apothecary and gifts. In their words, "At Pistachio we embrace the idea that being environmentally caring doesn't mean denying, abandoning or refusing the things we love, but rather designing, developing and using products in more informed, eco-friendly ways."

I am excited to be involved with Pistachio. They represent a bold but intelligent move by retailers to not just jump on the green bandwagon but to be actively engaged with the vendors, producers and designers to creatively redesign the way we shop.
At Cartolina we are proud that all or products have been produced on FSC certified recycled paper since day one. And our printer was named Most Environmentally Progressive Printer in Canada for the last 3 years at the Environmental Printing Awards. We are involved with a number of wonderful 'green' stores including: Gecko Green Living on Saltspring Island, Monkey Grass in Richmond VA, Fiddlehead in Boston MA, Practically Green in Ridgefield CT.
Pistachio are planning to open 6 to 8 new stores next year and then expanding into a couple of hundred stores across Canada and the US in the future.  If you happen to stroll into one of the new stores, email me and let me know what you think - I'd love to know!
More Green Things
A few more nice green things - the colour green that is!

Bedding and pillows from West Elm

Green and white sofa, and shoes from Anthropologie.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Inspiration | Carpet patterns
Sumptuous wool felt rugs(Shyrdacks) from the mountain people of central Asia. Layers of colourful felt are cut away to reveal the colors below. Many of the symbols and emblems you see in these ancient patterns are very current, in design, at the moment .

I love this kind of over the top colour and pattern - and I think it looks amazing in a simple room with lots of white surfaces. From Felt Rugs - where else!
Random Objects | Tea towel

Another sweet little tea towel that you can sew up into a nice wee dog. This makes me smile - I wonder what kind of dog that is. From Pin Tuck.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Object | Tube pillow

I have a folder of items that have caught my eye over the last few weeks and months and then they often show up here in the 'random object' posts. And they really are a random lot really. Pillow from here.
Inspiration | Surface design
Thanks goodness for good surface designers. During this last design session for Cartolina I have been so inspired by the amazingly talented and intelligent surface designers who bring something fresh to their collections every season without being sucked in by the trend of the day - hey enough with the owls all ready! Designing something new and fresh is hard, it's a struggle - the easiest thing is to jump on every design bandwagon that rolls past your studio door. Here are a few things that I like because they're based on classic designs but they are remade today in a cool and contemporary style.... and no owls.

I love this fabric,above, it could be ancient or it could have been designed yesterday. Brilliant! Right up my ally!

Do you love this wallpaper above? I do - it's just so clever. It's like toille de village meets the 70's.

I think I am trend-phobic - I see a trend coming towards me and I head in the other direction :-)  Most of these designs are from British designers who work for UK design houses including Anstey, Zoffany and Harlequin. If you would like more specific information email me and I will get it for you!
Have a great Monday morning!
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