Friday, September 19, 2008

Have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend. Jump in the car and go for a drive, its a fab time of the year to go on a road trip. Thanks for joining me this week, see you on Monday!
Picture taken by me - ha!
Inspiration | Pretty things to inspire a Friday morning.

Some very pretty things from Tracy Porter(pillow) and amazing wall paper from Fromental via Attic Mag. Believe it or not the cream coloured wall paper with the blue bird is actually embroidered!
Inspiration | Turquoise

I LOVE turquoise paired with red like this pillow. But I also like it on glazed ceramics and old peeling painted surfaces. Some of my favourite furniture has old turquoise paint on it like the wall behind that gorgeous wood stand. How do you like your turquoise?
Random Objects | Buttons and buckles
Great piece of political calligraphy from Etsy seller Gallardo Works via the Rifferaff blog Make It . Hey, I'd like to write like that!

I loved these buckles as soon as I saw them on Scoutie Girl yesterday. What a great idea - and I'm sure I haven't seen it done before. Excellent buckles from Steel Toe Studios. They have a great mix and match system for building your own belt.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Objects | Mercury glass accessories

Both of these items, a mercury glass mirror and the mercury glass place mats are from Ochre via My Nottinghill. I love mercury glass because everything that reflects in it instantly has a vintage patina - even your face  ;-)
Inspiration | Monochromatic tones
Enough with the wild colours for just one day. There's nothing like the drama that you can create when you design with contrasting tones of neutral colours. I'm glad to see the return of oversized patterns to upholstery - especially the pears on a pear-shaped chair. From  Anthro and CB2
Inspiration | Ephemera

This stamp is from about 1951, French. I think it might be earlier, should probably check. Do you like it? I do, I love the symmetry of the engraver's style and the slightly space age look.  Figured I hadn't featured any stamps recently so now's a good time! This stamp is actually from a series of stamps commemorating new world technology - I'll feature some of the others soon - they are quite beautiful.
Inspiration | Paper
Beautiful block printed wrapping paper at World Market. I always buy wrap at World Market they have great designs and wonderful multicultural style. They don't use shiny paper for their wrap - it's soft toothy paper, with a very handmade feeling. Feels like it came right out of a workshop in India, which it probably did!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Objects | Slot together table

I love the designs and the colour choices on this slot together seat (Zaishu) from Le Souk.
Attention treasure hunters!

My talented friend Linda makes amazing lampshades. Linda has asked me to ask my readers to keep their eyes open for lamps like this. So if you happen to see one when you are trolling through Ebay listings (and it's not on your own wish list) - email me and I will put you in touch with Linda - who will then owe you, big time! And if you are the clever one who finds Linda a lamp - I will reward you with a very valuable, yet to be determined prize - how fun! 
Apparently Linda saw a lamp like this about 6 months ago(can't remember where) and then saw it again on Poppytalk, right here.
Random Objects | Napkins

These are so unique and pretty. So much nicer than the average paper napkin. You can get yours here at Mr French.
Inspiration | Paper lantern

Feeling very inspired by this paper lantern from Pearl River. The orange and turquoise is absolutely brilliant fun. BTW did you know they have fabulous Chinese brocade at Pearl River for a very good price and a great selection.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Inspiration | textiles
Wonderful pattern and detail on this tablecloth from Anthropologie.

Window Shopping | Orike Muth
I discovered this German company, Orike Muth, yesterday over at decor8. I am really loving their cross cultural collage-y-ness.

Design | Hand printed tape

I wish I could remember where I first saw this(may have been on scoutie girl) - block printed tape from Etsy seller Jezze. I think it's really beautiful and an interesting idea that I haven't seen before. There are lots more designs to choose from on her site.

Monday, September 15, 2008

As seen on . . . 
Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently that I think you might like. They don't really have much in common except perhaps a well worn patina - which is a good enough excuse to love them, I think!. First up some Moroccan slippers from everyone's favourite expat Maryam at My Marrakesh.

Next, we have wonderful red letters as seen on one of my regular reads, latligt (above), and a fabulously simple, vintage, french linen runner from Vagabond Vintage (love ALL the imagery on their site and want everything they have to offer - can't help it.)

A fantastic vintage bowling pin from White Elephant Vintage (what is it about these things that I love - perhaps the carnival-like red crown around it's neck.) 
Random Objects | Wallpaper Bag

Check this out. This bag is made from vintage vinyl wallpaper - who knew? Made in Italy by Etsy seller drawflowers(lots of other cute stuff too.)
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