Friday, May 6, 2011

Isn't this a wonderful necklace? I found it at Irene's Happy Turtle Shop blog. Irene is a regular visitor here at the cafe and I happened to meet her because she made a comment on Tuesday's post - hint hint :-)

Window shopping at Selfridges.

Love this fun sweety packaging from Selfridges - classic sweets in funny little 'milk' bottles - and the vintage typeface is perfect!

Below - Fab ceramics from Pip Studios - who seem to be the hottest design studio in Europe these days - they are EVERYWHERE. Such fun vintage styling, love the gold trim. Again from Selfridges.

All images from

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vintage finds

Oh oh oh . . . I love this . . . I'm hyper ventilating! What's not to love - the colour, the typography? I wish it was mine :-)

And it can be yours(or mine) from Bellalulu!

Vintage inspiration

Seeing as you all have such good taste - I thought you would appreciate this fab remnant of Victorian wallpaper. I'm quite sure it's the kind that contains lots of arsenic - so if you purchase this lovely piece of history - don't lick it ;-)

Very old box from Kelley Street Vintage

Vintage ephemera

There is so much to admire and be inspired by at this Etsy shop. Vintage wallpaper heaven! It's easy to look through all the 1940's designs and see where some of the current surface designers(especially the British ones) get their inspiration - though there's nothing like the real thing. Enjoy!

All of these lovely papers are available at Hannah's Treasures

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage inspiration

I'm sure you'll be wondering what these all have in common. Well, they are all french, paper cut-out, novelties from a huge collection at Paper Craft's Flickr Stream. I think they are wonderful and there are hundreds of them - it's hard just to pick a few - I know you'll love them all.

Featured app!

We are very excited that the Cartolina app is a featured app at iTunes this week. Yay! We just want to say thanks, again, for all your support. It has been such a fabulous experience and I'm so grateful to those of you who have downloaded it in the last few months. I promise there will be new designs coming very shortly :-)

Vim & Vigour

Vintage inspired notebooks from Shelf. Great idea and wonderful type.

Both of these are from Shelf
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