Friday, January 29, 2010

Show time
Good morning! We are off to Vancouver this morning and then off to the gift show in Toronto for a few days next week. All our show information is available right here if you are planning on attending - hope to see you!
I have lots of great stuff lined up for you in the next few weeks - I've been collecting so many beautiful, inspiring things to show you. I'll be back here on the 8th - hopefully with some fresh new ideas and a report from the gift show so stay tuned and I'll see you in a week or so!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grey but not gloomy
Love all the grey and white in these interior shots. Great wall paper throughout. I could definitely be happy in this little grey place. Check out the weird wall paper in the first image!

Freshly scrubbed
This lovely home is in Brixton Hill, London. I've always really liked the look of white walls and trim and wood accents and floors - I like the stark, freshly scrubbed look - how about you? I think the eclectic nature of this space is very appealing too.

I only found 2 new things worth posting in the 'what's new' section of UO's web site - slipper chairs. I keep my eye on their furniture because they carry some really nice classics(fainting couches) at pretty good prices - and this is my year for getting new living room furniture(haven't told Doug that yet!)

And now for something completely silly, girly and not me at all - but how can one resist such girliness after a long day. From Soapy Chica!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Its been very spring-like here in The Kootenays for the last few weeks. It's hard to believe that we don't have any snow. Normally at this time of the year there are snow banks on either side of the road, but not this year. In fact I saw pussy willows on my walk the other day. So I thought I would share the joy and bring you some spring-like decorating{check out the chairs in this first image} . . . . . . .

All images from Homes and Garden
This image inside an old clock case really caught my eye yesterday. What a great find - now I am going to be obsessed with finding an old wooden clock case to put pictures in. If you would like this one you can have it for $200 from F2 Images.

Henry Rd
Paula from Henry Rd in Studio City CA wrote to me this week. She sent me some images including this cool display that she made for the store using chairs and tables. I love this idea. The grey is wonderful but I think that white on white would be great too. Perhaps for a trade show display(especially if you have very brightly coloured product)? Paula's store always looks fabulous - we featured lots of wonderful shots of her store last year - right here. And what's even better is that Henry Rd now has a blog!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm designing this week. I get pretty focused when I'm in the studio. I find that when I am designing in the winter I have to be careful that I look for brightly coloured inspiration because the product I'm designing at the moment won't go to market until late spring. These caught my eye at Share Some Candy last week - if you know me at all you know I like elephants. These look like they are illustrated on brown wrapping paper - the bright colours and detailed drawings are fabulous on the drab background. Really inspired me to mix bright colours with dark neutrals this time 'round :-)

I like Dolan Geiman's work. It shows an honesty and sponteneity that I really appreciate. I also like the fact that he sells reproductions and originals in his Etsy shop. There's always something new and inspiring and lots of different mediums - he's a fearless one! If you'd like to see more you can go to Dolan's shop and browse!

I saw a link to this Folk Object Tumblr page on design Sponge yesterday. Very inspiring imagery - thought you would enjoy it too.

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