Friday, July 10, 2009

Perfectly paired throw cushions and vintage iron chairs as discovered by Kimberley Brown at Canadian House and Home.

A pretty little collection of vintage treasures from Cluttershop on Fickr. The robins egg blue and red on the tin are fantastic - luv it!

Spotted on At Home With Kim Vallee yesterday - vintage silverware garden markers from Monkeys Always Look - what a great upcycling idea. These are so cute and so useful. Great find Kim - as always!

I really like these bright ceramics paired with the dark painted backgrounds in these photographs - the little jug is so cute!

Shots of red
Gorgeous eclectic interior with wonderful shots of red throughout. Love the patinas and the textures in the images.Via Marie Claire Maison.

You wash, I'll dry.
Very cute tea towels designed by Lush Designs for To Dry For (via True Up)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good morning, happy Thursday! Every so often my self-imposed, workaholic lifestyle gets the best of me. I am officially taking the day off to rest and relax. Thanks for visiting today and I shall return tomorrow - so stay tuned. Ciao!

Eye Candy
We have been having terrible trouble with our power going out over the last 48 hours so hopefully we won't lose power while I am uploading these 3 post today. Here are some gorgeous interiors from a wonderful collection at this beautiful blog.

These ceramics(above) are so pretty - do any of you recognize these?

Love this white room with the crazy detailed cushions and ottoman.

If you know me at all you will have guessed this(above) is my favourite image from this collection!

Home Ec.
How cute are these? And what's even better is it's a pattern that you can make - yourself! That's right, lots of patterns available right here in PDF form - I love this!

Olive Bites Studio produces useful and beautiful things using sustainable cork and recycled steel. I spotted Olive Bites on Scoutie Girl yesterday - they have an ad running there(I often find great stuff in the ads at Scoutie Girl!) I love cork and I would love to work with cork sometime - its a great, tactile, natural, flexible product that is showing up all over the creative world these days(and I have a big jar of wine bottle corks with beautiful designs that I can't bear to throw away because they are so pretty). Check out more about Olive Studios right here.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Woops another old tin tea caddy found its way onto my blog - wonder how that happened. You can get it here - but someone might have beat you to it - me.

Random Objects
What do you think of these? Vintage paint by numbers. I quite like some of them especially these ones. The Japanese scenes are quite stylishly kitch. There are quite a few here and here.

Tord Bontje
Interesting images from Tord Boontje's studio in France - you know his work . Love to see in other artist's studios. Photos by Hans Zeegers.

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