Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Big Day!

The big day is finally here - I am so proud to announce that our Cartolina iPhone app is now available at the iTunes store. So in case you've been living under a rock for the last week let me introduce you to the big project we've been working on for months: Our app is all about sending brief but beautiful messages using one of our customizable Cartograms. Pretty up someone's inbox today with a Cartogram from the Cartolina iPhone app. Choose from the selection of designs, customize your message and then you can either email or text it to the recipient. The Cartolina app supports multiple languages, allows you to send to multiple recipients and it also includes an integrated calendar which sends you automatic reminders - so you'll never miss a birthday again. Click here to see all the Cartograms and to find a direct link to the app store.
It was so fun yesterday to watch the app roll out around the world - first it showed up at the Latvian app store around 4pm, then Australia, New Zealand - very exciting. I hope you have fun with it if you choose to download it. I have all ready started designing a selection of new Cartograms for the next update. Thanks for all your support and good luck wishes over the last few days - I am very grateful to you :-)

Custom developed by VectorBloom Technologies for Cartolina

Found - Rockin B Clothing

I followed a link yesterday and found myself at Rockin B Clothing. At first I thought this was a vintage clothing store and then I realized these are all new and beautifully designed and constructed. They're so Patsy Cline meets Mad Men - I love them. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to fashion but when I see something like this I wish I was a whole bunch wilder. The details are wonderful - make sure you check the store for all their cool stuff - nice skirts too.

Found - Delicious Industries

I think if you are a regular here at The Cafe you probably have a leaning towards vintage type and imagery - so have I got a blog for you - Delicious Industries. Delicious Industries is an independent design studio in Brighton England and this is their scrapbook of inspiration and reference - what a find, I think you will love their good taste and eclectic vision . . . .

Window Shopping - Scabby Robot

Gotta love these bags from Scabby Robot. I have a bag just like this in a bright green leather that I haul around everywhere with me - people say to me - Still got that bag? - Yes I do! Ha! And you should have one too. The simple shape and honest construction is so appealing and practical - fab!

Found - Little Byrd Vintage

I can't resist trolling through the vintage shops on Etsy - I've bought a few things recently too! Little Byrd Vintage has some lovely treasures and seeing as it's been a bit of a vintage week here at The Cafe I'll post a few of my faves right here!

This last piece is such a great idea - looks like an old tin tray or cookie sheet - turned into a magnet board - good idea!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Found - upcycled retail fixtures

I see these all the time in junk stores - I think that they are store fixtures(for announcing sales and prices etc on a retail display) But when they are grouped like this, as picture frames, they are really special, aren't they? They look like they're from Pottery Barn! Makes me want to go to the thrift store to see if I can find some right now! These are from a grouping by Bricolage Life on this Flickr group. It's a wonderful grouping and great photography.

The weekend's vintage finds

So last weekend's vintage scores are heavy and spiky! Old flower spikes, or frogs. The large one is fantastic. It's 7" wide! I love these things they are so useful and fun - great for displaying pictures and postcards. I've never seen one as large as this - I expect it was for a rose bowl at one time. When we were kids, in Scotland, my grandfather - who we lived with - had an amazing collection of cloisonée rose bowls that he bought in India in the 1940s. He grew roses in the garden but he didn't use a frog to arrange them - he used potatoes - sliced in half, sliced side down - and we poked the roses into holes in the potatoes that we made with knitting needles! And no water - they lasted for weeks - there's a good tip for you!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Found - L'esperance Tile Works

When I first saw these I thought they were vintage - didn't you? They are beautifully done. Ceramic tiles by L'esperance Tile Works. they have a huge collection of tiles - lots of bunnies, birds and insects - lovely!

Inspiration - rice bowls

I spotted these rice bowls on Friday at Hanna's blog - and then noticed them again at design*sponge yesterday. I'd snap these up in an instant if there was a Crate and Barrel nearby. Not in this neck of the woods!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sign up. Sign up!

Just popping in for a few moments this morning to let you know that there's a sign up form on the right, under the iPhone graphic, where you can leave your email address so that on Friday, when the Cartolina app launches at the iTunes store, you will get an alert and a link in your inbox. Thanks - enjoy the rest of your day :-)

Inspiration - vintage mosaic tile

I have many places that I go for inspiration and they may not directly lead to new Cartolina designs - but they always open my mind to new colour combinations and patterns. One of the places I love to check out is this London tile restoration company. You should take a look at their work - you may be inspired too!

Found - painted shoes

Sometimes I find things on Etsy that I think are so cool that I believe I must be the last person to find them - like these painted shoes from Scholarly Articles. I love her choice of images and her sense of scale. She pairs the shoes so well with the images - it's very clever and I presume I'm the last person to find these?

Vintage - chromolithographs

I know you know I love these. It's no great secret that I love vintage chromolithographs and engravings. And these are wonderful examples. Enjoy . . . .

This fabulous decorative wall art is from Concentric
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