Friday, September 26, 2008

An exercise in design appreciation

Well it's Friday all ready. This is such a busy time for us at Cartolina - lots of big Xmas orders going out to retailers right now and for the next few weeks. But, at the end of a busy afternoon, producing this blog is my favourite way to wind up the day. For me it's like being the head buyer at my own wonderful department store. Every item here is chosen not because I necessarily want to own it or wear it but because it in some way represents the visual candy that feeds the part of me that really loves beautiful, bold style that's based on solid design fundamentals. Fabulous tights and gorgeous ring from Free People. Simply lovely blouse from a stunning collection at Odd Molly. {None of which I would probably wear but all of which I am drawn to for pure esthetic appreciation!}
Random Objects | Hardware

Had a nice revisit to Cleveland Art yesterday - just wanted to share these wonderful vintage steel side tables with you. The tops look remarkably like manhole covers which shouldn't really surprise you if you have checked out their brilliant website and inventory. The candle stick is from the House Doctor catalogue that I featured yesterday - strange how its Gothic styling goes so well with the mid century industrial design of the tables don't you think? The decorator in me would like to put that candle stick on that table in front of that brick wall right now!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Window Shopping | House Doctor

A lot of my UK friends swear by the mail order products from House Doctor so I thought you might like to see some fun stuff from their catalogue. All of this stuff is right up my alley - better start making a Xmas list right now! How about the horse?
Inspiration | granny chic

Great floral designs combined with some crochet and some woolly dingle balls makes for one superbly chic granny bag. 
Similar styling in these curtains - faux crewel embroidery -  all symptoms of the crafty revolution - love it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Object | Blue Pot

I found this pot on World Of Good which is Ebay's new site which promotes fair global trade and positive impact on the world by turning good local ideas into worldwide social change. Take a look - I found fantastic stuff there made by crafts people from around the world. Via decor8
Illustration | Jen Rowland

These drum style lampshades from Jen Rowland have wonderful, oversized, sketchy illustrations on them. The scale and proportions works really well together don't they? They have a really broad appeal. I am sure she will do really well with these.
Illustration | Sarah Young

I remember one of my very first sewing projects when I was a kid in the UK in the 70's was sewing up a cat pillow very similar to the one that Sarah Young has illustrated here. Aren't they lovely? She has some wonderful things on her site. Via Print and Pattern.
Window Shopping | Raw Space

We get Cartolina wholesale requests from the loveliest shops. Raw Space is an Australian retailer with 3 shops and an online store too. I saw lots of things I like there and I want to show you these wall plaques which are so pretty.
Wants and Needs | the pink pouf

I rather fancy this too - love the nail head detail.
Wants and Needs | the pink dresser

I may need this dresser. I merely wanted those shoes.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Objects in Yellow
Hello, I'm out of town for a couple of days but I thought I might be able to keep your attention level high with these shoes from JCrew . . . yup, it appears to be working!

Wonderful yellow rug from Anthro and garden stool from Nieman Marcus. I'm not that fond of yellow really but when its grouped together, or offered in the from of a low vamp, brocade pump, I can be convinced of it's merits.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random Object | Paper lantern II

Another gorgeous paper lantern from Pearl River.
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