Friday, June 12, 2009

Window Shopping
Thanks to Alicia I am now a big fan of  It reminds me a bit of Wisteria. They have fabulous product shots of a great assortment of pretty things from furniture to accessories. I quite fancy the butterfly and moth pillows.

vintage Inspiration
Some of my favourite vintage French postcards

Sometimes it's not about the room, it's all about what's on the wall!

Photographic prints of commercial lettering, signage and type from Kelsy Henke. I'm happy to look at vintage signage any opportunity I can get!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wall Treatment

I saw these great shots at sfgirlbybay yesterday and had to follow the link to BisyBackson's Flickr page. Apparently this is her allotment shed - very cool - great shots!
Clever bunny
Sweet little necklaces made from recycled vintage tins. Very clever and oh so pretty from Little Black Rabbit.

Some great examples of vintage props used in decorating - I am so enamored by the first image - opulent and divine!

Images from Wish, Pottery Barn and Junk Market

Mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror on the wall

Nine nickel silver mirrors sold as a set or individually from Emery et Cie 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eye Candy
Sometimes certain images all just look really nice together and one doesn't need any other reason than that to post them. 

2nd image from here.
3rd image from here

Random Objects
These are necklaces produced from vintage wallpaper. I like the image. I would hang them like decorations just like this! 

From the seemingly endless world of creativity known as Etsy.
So many cupboards so little time
I am a sucker for old wooden cupboards. I love them and can't get enough of them - which is why there are a couple in the barn waiting for their, yet to be determined, perfect location in the house. Doug keeps threatening to sell them in the yard sale which we will be having in a couple of weeks - you know, one of those yard sales that you have to have every couple of years to sell all the junk that you've bought in everyone else's yard sales!

Oh and some chairs too!
Beautiful photography from Dutch Photographer Dana van Leeuwen
Thanks to Jen I found this wonderful poster at Merchline. Very cool.  Hmmmmmm 1971 - what do you know about 1971 - don't be shy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mystery Art
Here's another piece of mystery art from Feel free to enlighten me with the artist's name and I will display it here loud and clear as it deserves to be. A thing of beauty. (See note below)

UPDATE: Jen from GreetQ says,"This is the work of Scott Hansen of ISO50 ( If you're really in love you can buy it here: I'm quite smitten with the 1971 poster myself: He's a true talent!" Thanks Jen!

Dress Code
These amazing Dress Code stools are designed by Fukutoshi Ueno in Brisbane Australia. I think they are extraordinary. I love the patterns on the inside of the pieces - wonderful details. There is a very nice piece on this designer right here at Steph Bond's blog Bondville.

Patterns and prints from Mibo - lots of fun prints here in case you haven't seen them before.

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