Friday, November 5, 2010

Inspiration - Kaleidoscope patchwork quilt

Oh boy, I like this! I didn't notice this 'Kaleidoscope' quilt when I was trolling around Urban Outfitters site the other day but then I spotted it here. The only trouble is that we have a King size bed and, if you have one, you'll know that the only problem with a King sized bed is that whatever you put on it takes up a lot of real estate and can look very overwhelming in an average size room. I'm afraid this quilt might look very busy in our room - it is lovely though, isn't it?

Window Shopping - Petit Details

This little shop, Petits Details, sells authentic french linen and linen trim. It's so beautiful. They even have french linen towel yardage(you know, the one with the red stripe down the side.) I think you will love the gorgeous items in store - go check them out!

Refound - Pip wallpaper

This is wallpaper - isn't it amazing? I knew that Pip had some incredible wall paper designs but I missed this one. I featured their postcard wall paper here ages ago

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Revisited - Enhabiten

The clever people at Enhabiten never fail to impress with their skilled use of vintage fabrics. I'm loving the new round pillows and quite fancy one or two for the floor in front of the fireplace. I really love their aesthetic!

Found - Curtain tote

Fun recycled tote from Scout and Catalogue - it's hard to resist simple bags made from someone's old curtains isn't it?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Found - vintage Swedish enamel

Couldn't resist these this morning. These vintage Swedish, enamel plates are from Lackluster Co. Love em! Wouldn't these look amazing in a mid century, Scandinavian inspired kitchen/dining room?

Found - One Good Eye

These beautiful old creatures are all from One Good Eye where you can find a beautifully curated collection of rustic American folk art that will leave you wanting to fill your home to the brim with the tarnished and the rusty.

Found - mystery necklace

Okay, so open your mind. I think this is cool but I'm not sure why. It's a wee bit deco looking and a wee bit Polynesian. It even feels slightly Scandinavian. Maybe looks like ivory or whale bone? Anyway I think it's cool and would look fab with a mod dress and boots - make those white go-go boots ;-)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Found - wall art

This is cool - wall art made from vintage cast iron medallions.

Found - printed wall canvases

These are kind of interesting - large printed wall canvases to hang on your wall - very reasonably priced at UO. They are 7' x 9'. I think these could be very effective on a small feature wall. They wouldn't work in our place because we have so much art to hang on the walls but I definately can see them in a more minimalist place to jazz it up a bit (I'm not much of a minimalist - more of a maximalist!)

Inspiration - the magic patio

This is super cool - how fun would it be if, when it rained, your patio took on a whole new decorative look? Check this out - the concrete looks quite plain until it gets wet and then the pretty floral design is revealed. How fun for places like Vancouver of Seattle who get a bit more rain than the rest of the country. From Amsterdam based designer Frederik Molenschot via Notcot.

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