Friday, April 1, 2011


Poisson d'Avril!

Did you know that the history of April Fool's day is thought to have come from the French who refer to this day as Poisson d'Avril. It's a long complicated story that has something to do with the reform of the French calendar in the 16th century. These days school children in France stick a paper fish on the backs of the unsuspecting 'fool' and declare them to be "Poisson d'Avril" I always noticed at the french brocantes you can find so many vintage postcards with pretty little girls holding big ugly fish - it's such an odd image - I used to wonder what it was all about!

Vintage shopping guide

Get ready for vintage shopping season! There's a really good list of guides to markets, thrift stores, brocantes and cool vintage shops at Apartment Therapy this week. So, if you're like me, you'll take notes, grab your map and head off to the first yard sales, markets and auctions to scoop up the good stuff before everyone else ;-)

Work/Life 2

I just got my copy of Work/Life 2 - The Uppercase Directory of International Illustration. Another beautiful publication from Uppercase. I had a quick flip through it when it arrived today but I can tell from the first glance that there is some amazing talent represented on the pages and, having been an illustrator/designer, living with another illustrator for almost 20 years, I recognize the organized chaos of those studios. Can't wait to delve in and scrutinize each page. You can get yours, and your subscription to Uppercase Mag right here

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Instant spring!

Here's a healthy dose of spring for you - a simply stunning scarf from AVA Original. Her work is fascinating and beautiful and unique. The ethereal quality is very inspiring and uplifting. I also love the elegant single flowers. More here.

Boho? Bring it on!

There's plenty of opportunity to embrace your boho side this season - good grief, I've never seen so much stitching and leather and buttons and silver dangly bits. I was checking out these fun, detailed belts at Free People in SF. I would definitely wear one of these with some faded jeans and a T (which is pretty much my uniform - so I need a lot of accessories!)

Treat yourself!

Very pretty, lacy iPad sleeve - just what you need, right? From Here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vintage treasures in the mail!

I got a couple of fabulous packages in the mail on Friday. Both of these items I bought on Etsy, from sellers that I've featured here a few times - you probably know them, Swan and Shears (otherwise known as McMaster and Storm) and the fabulous Fancy Linda. I purchased vintage price markers and stickers from Swan and Shears. I tell you, both of these sellers go above and beyond with their packaging, I was so impressed. I'm going to use these vintage price markers at the market. There's lots of wonderful vintage treasures at their shop.

Fancy Linda's dapper chap!

This is the paper weight that I bought form Fancy Linda. I love it so much. The dapper chap with his striped shirt on! And Linda packaged it inside this wonderful old ginger candy tin. It was such a lovely surprise!

Curls under control!

Check these out - I've been looking for a couple of pretty, yet interesting, hair pins that don't make me look like a 12 year old(hmm, maybe that's not such a bad idea!) And these are perfect. I love this look. I have naturally curly hair that I smooth out(not straighten) but it's a bit of a chore to control the crazy side bits in the spring showers - I think these will be perfect. From Woodland Belle.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cartolina Market update

I've been collecting misc. vintage, wooden boxes since last summer when I decided that we should have the Cartolina market tent. I've been quite successful in finding great old wooden, tool boxes and file drawers to use as card displays over the last few months and I think the Cartolina Big Top will look fabulously vintage. I'm not sure when we will debut - I have a feeling it won't be at our local Wednesday market here in Nelson because it doesn't start until June but I think we might launch at the Kelowna farmers market which is a very vibrant and thriving Saturday morning market in the Okanagan - I'll keep you posted. Here are some fine examples of the kind of boxes I've been coveting - from Sadie Olive.

Dwell Studio for Target

I saw this suzani inspired bedding set from Dwell Studio the other week and thought it was pretty nice, for a very cheap price, at Target. The wall behind the headboard in our bedroom is a dark grey brown and I think this quilt set would look really fun for the summer. It's very busy but we have a really big sunny bedroom so I think it could work quite well. I might order it :-)

Block prints

I like these prints from Monster Gallery. They're very small and they'd look great hanging together in a block. Love the old squared paper they are printed on. Available here.

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