Thursday, September 9, 2010

The New Cartolina iPhone App!

We are so excited this morning to reveal the top secret project we have been working on for weeks now - the new iPhone app from Cartolina! Our app is all about sending brief but beautiful messages using one of our customizable Cartograms. Pretty up someone's inbox today with a Cartogram from the Cartolina iPhone app. Choose from the selection of designs, customize your message and then you can either email or text it to the recipient. The Cartolina app supports multiple languages, allows you to send to multiple recipients and it also includes an integrated calendar which sends you automatic reminders - so you'll never miss a birthday again. There are lots of designs to chose from - to view all the Cartogram designs you can visit our web site.
The Cartolina app is a great alternative to sending a plain email or text message. It's perfect for any occasion - or no occasion at all! For less than the price of a card, $2.99, the Cartolina app will be available next Friday - September 17th from the Apple iTunes store. I'll put a button on the side panel of the blog here next Friday with a direct link to the app store. There, the secret's out! Hope you're as excited as we are!

For more information on the app or any other Cartolina products please email me.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Window Shopping - Fossil

I don't know about you but so many of my bags, wallets, belts and watches are made by Fossil. Even my red laptop case is Fossil. It's a brand that really resonates with me. Vintage inspired and driven by craftsmanship - I usually love most things they design and produce. I checked out their site yesterday when I was preparing the post on vintage clocks and watches yesterday and found a number of things to spend my money on - woops! Including these fab bags . . .

Found - vintage, galvanized wire card spinner

Okay so some of you may wonder how a person could get so excited over a vintage wire postcard spinner. Well to a card maker and postcard collector like me this is the bee's knees. I've had my eye on this for so long in the local antique store. I keep asking the guy when he's going to sell it to me. So on Saturday, he flagged me down on Baker St and told me I could have that card spinner I'd been coveting for so long - yes, that's right - he just gave it to me. Some people are so kind and generous - I luv it! And it even came with a few old cards!

Can you see, it even has a little clip on the top to put a business card.

Found - vintage wooden box with great type

I bought this box on Ebay yesterday. I'm quite excited to get it. I presume it's a cigar box (รก la Deadwood, wouldn't you say?) The type is fabulous and, inside, the type is gold. I will steam the lid to flatten it out and it will hold lots of vintage treasures in no time.

I have a slightly similar box, below, that I love - even though the vintage type is upside down. It's quite ratty and old but I love the dovetailed corners and the colour of the wood. The little leather strap and nail hold it closed. It's stuffed to the gills with vintage postcards.

Found - leather satchels from Cambridge Satchel

While we are on the subject of bags we should check out these satchels from Cambridge Satchel - thank you Gillian for the link. These are just like the satchels we had for school in Scotland though ours had 2 straps like a back pack on them - did you have one of these?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Found - vintage clock faces

Who doesn't love a vintage clock face? And this Etsy seller has the motherload - Clockwork Universe. I thought I mostly liked clocks from the 1930's but when I saw the watches from the 70s I was quite smitten - some of them look like current designs from Fossil don't the? Enjoy!

Found - pretty bird bag

Really loving this fun slouchy bag from Belloberry Designs. Such a practical shape to take to the market and gorgeous fabric designed by Etsuko Furuya.

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