Friday, January 15, 2010

Some lovely creative ways to display some super collections - from Braeburn Farms. I love that collection of lacquer trays don't you?

Show Time
Just a little reminder that it's show season and if you are going to be at Top Drawer Spring at Earls Court in London (starting Sunday)please stop by our booth, say hi and pick up a sweet little giveaway we have waiting for you. Booth 45. Email me if you need more information!
A great collection of beds and headboards from here. I love the headboard in the second image - the carved birds are so sweet. And the big graphics on the first image are brilliant fun!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This beautiful jewelry line is from Kathi Roussel. It's great to see something unique like this and beautifully presented. Very nice.

These images came to me via a Tweet from Candied Fabrics. These are illustrations from a book on Czech toys - I think you will enjoy the pages which you can view right here. If you are an illustrator you will probably appreciate the form of these solid little wood toys.

So who is the clever clogs that thought of this? Brilliant fun! From here.

Do you think that wallpaper is still a big trend? I loved the idea of it, when it surged in popularity again about 3 years ago - but I never did use any for decorating - did you? These examples make me want to run out and grab a roll immediately - how 'bout you?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random objects
Vintage millinery trim from Paris - as seen here. There's tons of this stuff at this Ebay shop - warning, it's not cheap but it's very pretty!

These outrageously expensive things are from here - go there, but don't look at the prices. We can admire them from afar.

Very pretty plate from here. The offset design really caught my eye - I think if it had been symmetrical I may not have liked it so much. And a great colour.

Eye Candy
Mmmmm, delicious eye candyFrom Donna Griffith

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I love this vintage advertisement. The colours are wonderful and the composition is superb. If you like this kind of illustration you can see more of it here.

Check out this glue pot - very old school - and so pretty. And what's even better is that the glue apparently smells like marzipan - and I know one crafty gal who will love that! From Coccoina.
Random Image
This wonderful image is from this Tumblr collection and I think t's wonderful - the stripes of wood the big shadow behind it - very inspiring for - something?

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