Friday, December 19, 2008

Inspiration | Stylist Katrina Cargill
I know that many of you, like myself, enjoy the work of talented magazine stylists. We get to see some great photography, wonderful images and beautifully showcased product. I love it when I find a few new stylists' portfolios online to browse through. Here are a couple I found recently - I have chosen images that I find inspiring and, as many of you are designers and creative types, I think you will like them too.

The above images are all styled by Katrina Cargill originally seen at Jubella.
Inspiration | Danielle Gori-Montanelli
Couldn't resist this beautiful felt collar from Studio DGM. So cheery and bright I almost thought it was a Xmas wreath when I saw it this morning on the wonderful Italian craft/design blog Decor E BlaBlaBla.

Inspiration | Stylist Carolyn Barber
Next up on today's stylist feature is Carolyn Barber. Carolyn's interiors are wonderful - but her food shots are positively scrumptious(but because we are not a foody blog I will leave it up to you to check those out.) Incidentally, if you are interested in the process of paper marbling she has some wonderful shots of an artist producing marbled papers.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"What's in That Box?"
There's a box on my table next to my computer that I throw stuff into that I don't want to lose - you probably have one too, right?Stuff that I REALLY like or has inspired me in some way. Doug came into my studio the other day and asked, "What's in that box?" so I emptied out piles of lovely pieces that have been stashed in there over the last few months/years - including this tiny selection(more another day) . . . . 
Christmas card from last year from Bikini.

Linocut card by Jonny Hannah
Promo postcard by Marc Rosenthal - love this guy, check out his portfolio.
Bird card - don't know where this came from.

Christmas card from last year - nothing on back to identify it.
Beautiful card illustrated by Spanish illustrator Catalina Estrada.

Mujeres de Patzcuaro by Antonio Gomez, a postcard from a set by Chronicle Books.

One of our new cards illustrated by Doug(how did it get in the box?)

Super duper Indian postcard of Ganesh - love those clouds!
So, what's in your box?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Window Shopping at Poppytalk Handmade Market
I have been browsing through the Poppytalk Handmade Market searching for Xmas presents. I am so impressed with the talents of the designers and producers featured there. I wanted to show you the things that have caught my eye and tell you why . . . . 

Painting by Hadley Hutton because it is so pretty and I love orange and torquoise together

Handmade album by Double Happiness because the cover pattern is fabulous

Photographic print from Dripstick becuase I love the old colourful bikes and I wish I was a better photographer.

Hand bound books by Angela Liguori because she is amazingly skilled and I have a feeling that we met once in Rome.

Photographic print by Bubbo because no matter how many times I have seen this image it still intrigues me.

Two clever bags from Showpony because they are an example of such a great use of vintage engravings.

A whole bunch of clip boards from Decorative Instincts because they are such a simple pretty idea that I would love to receive as a gift.
Wrap it Up
Thinking of tying things up with ribbons and string in the next few days - how's this for some inspiration? From House Doctor

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Smart Bag | Great gift
Sorry I got a late start this morning - our power was out last night and we lost our internet connection for hours. But we are back on line this morning - so off we go . . . 

I was just over at Lands End buying a whole bunch of these packable, grocery totes that fold up into a wallet sized pouch. (These are way prettier than the ones I can buy at my local grocery store.) I am going to give all my pals these for Xmas. Practical, cute (and only $14.99! ) 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Inspiration | Rugs
There's been a serious lack of colourful, creative abandon here at the cafe for the last couple of weeks - so to make up for it I have some delicious images from The Rug Company .Some of the rooms in these photographs are stunning - very castle-like. And the stairwell pictures are wonderful too!

Blog Alert | BACE
I love to help other indie designers starting their own businesses but some people go a step further - I'm talking about BACE. If you are indie producer searching for helpful and insightful information head over to this blog (BACE stands for Business and Creative Exchange.) It’s a venue set up by Mel Lim and her husband Joe Keylon to help other aspiring start ups and designers on how to get their products launched by offering them insights to challenges and day-to-day questions faced by creatives who have all the talent in the world but no clue to running a business or launching a line. I really enjoy Mel's writing and especially would like to encourage you all to read this article about the current recession we are facing. Thanks Mel !
Back home and back to work!
Well we had such a good time in Vancouver for a few days. We walked and walked and ate lots of great food. We filled up on design and inspiration and we had a great Cartolina Christmas Party at The Lift Bar and Grill in Coal Harbour. We are back to work this week - a very busy week coming up with lots of new product showing up today and lots of rep kits and samples to get out the door this week for the new season(and lots of pretty new things to show you here this week too!) Here are a few pictures that we took over the weekend(with the new camera which I love love love!)

Here I am with the lovely Lisa, my good pal and our "Cartolina Distributor Extraordinaire". What fun we had at The Lift and also at Bonita's in Gastown on Friday night.

These 4 pictures, above, are taken at Salamagundi's where I spent a lot of time poking through the chests of drawers and raking through all the treasures up stairs.

One of the best cafe signs ever - in Gastown. Its been here for years. I don't think the cafe is actually even called Luna any more but the sign still hangs and is a real gem.

This gal working in Urban Outfitters was wearing these very cool rubber boots that she says she bought at Cherry Bomb across the road on Granville Street - just in case you are desperate to get your hands on a pair  ;-)
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