Thursday, December 18, 2008

"What's in That Box?"
There's a box on my table next to my computer that I throw stuff into that I don't want to lose - you probably have one too, right?Stuff that I REALLY like or has inspired me in some way. Doug came into my studio the other day and asked, "What's in that box?" so I emptied out piles of lovely pieces that have been stashed in there over the last few months/years - including this tiny selection(more another day) . . . . 
Christmas card from last year from Bikini.

Linocut card by Jonny Hannah
Promo postcard by Marc Rosenthal - love this guy, check out his portfolio.
Bird card - don't know where this came from.

Christmas card from last year - nothing on back to identify it.
Beautiful card illustrated by Spanish illustrator Catalina Estrada.

Mujeres de Patzcuaro by Antonio Gomez, a postcard from a set by Chronicle Books.

One of our new cards illustrated by Doug(how did it get in the box?)

Super duper Indian postcard of Ganesh - love those clouds!
So, what's in your box?
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