Friday, September 11, 2009

Beautiful photography from Hotze Eisma. This is the home of 2 artists in the Netherlands - looks like the prefect place to be creative! Love the chandeliers in every room(they only work for me if they are juxtaposed with an unstuffy interior - how about you?)

A couple of home office shots that I couldn't resist from City Sage - both of which look extremely 'staged' but absolutely delightful - wouldn't you agree?

Looking for something more realistic and candid - check out this link.
Checkout all these pretty things at Plumo(which I discovered yesterday at Home Shopping Spy.) Everything has such great patina and muted colours. They also have great clothes and jewelry - a bit like Anthropologie really.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Woops almost forgot - Mingle tonight at Louies 5pm - 7pm. A very fun evening of networking with other local entrepreneurs - see you there!

Butik Sophie
One of our giveaway winners this week was Nina from Temps Perdu. Nina lives in Finland and at the top of her very pretty blog there is a link to a shop called Butik Sophie. I am in awe of this store. I have grabbed a few shots from their site for you to see but next week I will spend hours trolling through all the amazing vintage treasures to bring you my, and what I think will be your, favourites. It's quite something - so in the mean time check these out . . . .

I really love how stark and utilitarian all these pieces are. I would definitely have to soften the feel up with pillows and rugs but I love all the wood and iron.
Just wanted to say thanks to the folks over at Home Shopping Spy who named Cafe Cartolina as their Blog of the Week this week. Thank you we are honored! Please take a trip over to Home Shopping Spy - lots of fresh and unique things that you may not have seen before on this side of the pond. Here are a couple of gorgeous pictures from their site.

Just for fun - here are a couple of odd things that caught my eye and made me smile over at Other People's Flowers. Never a dull moment here at the cafe  ;-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We are crafty here at the cafe today! I think these are really interesting pillows. The listing says that the image is hand painted on linen. It looks like vintage fabric - what do you think? The listing doesn't say it's vintage but it sure looks like it. Either way, it's really incredible imagery and totally unique pillows.

I saw these on Poppytalk at the weekend. I really like the brass rings that this artist uses to frame the little silhouettes. Apparently each one is antique and unique. I also like the way she photographs the pendants against a chalk board - kind of like our green metal board we use at Cartolina! Very nice.

I am completely intrigued by these fabulous felted pieces by Ollies Woolies. The organic shapes are so pleasing to the eye. There are so many sweet things to look at on their site including the wrist warmers which are absolutely adorable.

These wrist warmers are the cutest!
Have you seen these? Big fabulous needle point pillows from Emily Peacock. I love these oversized graphics and circus typefaces - oh and you gotta love pom pom trim - on anything!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Giveaway Winners!
Thank you so much for entering last week's giveaway. I really enjoyed reading all the sumer stories. I hope you all had a beautiful labour day weekend. The winners, as usual, were picked by a blindfolded stranger in a darkened room. So the winners are Temps Perdu and Leigh(Constant Cravings). Look forward to hearing from you both and sending some new cards your way!

We will have one more giveaway in a few weeks because we still haven't revealed our sparkly 2009 Holiday cards. I can't wait to take some pictures of them and all their glittery goodness. So stay tuned for that!
Years ago I was outbid on an Ebay auction for this photograph. I have a little print of it taped to my wall as a reminder not to give up too easily - the winner bought it for $3(what was I thinking!) It's a great image and if you like portraits, maybe not as old as this one - more like the 1930s, checkout this site which is all about old photo booth shots - it's really fun!

Design Legacy
I first came across Design Legacy at Good Bones Great Pieces - which is where these images are from. This is a great use of old illustrations. I love the pseudo vintage science charts - a lot!

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