Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Cartolina Studios!

I know, I've been missing in action again - just when I had announced that I was back for good! Sorry about that! We decided to do some renovating and decorating in the studio so my regular schedule was thrown for a loop. Anyway, now I'm back again and I can't wait to put together a post on all the changes I made in the studio. I love it. I've been working like mad for 5 years in the same space never really having time to make any changes so it was great to have a fresh start. I'll put a post together very soon and share it with you! Here's a sneak peek . . . .

Ganesha Maidens -

More pretty things in my INBOX yesterday morning. This is an original Indian poster, complete with tears and stains. And it's quite big - 20 x 13 inches. I have a few of these and I treasure them! The colours of these posters have inspired many a Cartolina design! This one has now sold but there are more - around $200 from C.G. Sparks

Hand painted wallpaper

Hand painted wall paper scrap on One King's Lane this morning. So many people try to copy this style of vintage illustration but few succeed - thank goodness (nice to stay authentic.)

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