Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a lovely fall weekend. It looks a bit like this paint by numbers painting round here at the moment. We're going to an estate sale tomorrow morning and then going to visit Doug's folks for Thanksgiving (Canadian!) Hope you all enjoy your weekend and happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians! See you Tuesday!

Found - Heathcliffe Cushion

I rather fancy this Aubusson cushion on my new sofa. By Sam Taylor Wood for The Rug Company.

Vintage finds - Jayson

A few fun vintage items from the FLEA section of Jayson Home and Garden. I love this blue cupboard. I love any original painted wood furniture - and signage like the 'private drive' sign! Nice!

Jayson Home and Garden

Crafts - security envelope paper crafts.

I thought these were really interesting - wreath/stars made from folded paper, security envelopes in fact! I've seen a few collections of patterned security envelope paper recently and using it for crafts is a great idea! These pretty paper crafts are from Milomade via Craft Gawker.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Window Shopping - Factory 20

The simply wonderful, and huge, collection of vintage curiosities at Factory 20. Enjoy!

Found - poster by Brandon Schaeffer

Just wanted to include this poster by Brandon Schaeffer today because it has the same fab vibe as the art that I featured yesterday(below.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Found - 20 x 200

I found myself yesterday, after following a link from Layers and Layers, at 20 x 200. And then promptly found myself in front of these lovely prints by Joe Kievitt. The colours are wonderful - a collection of muted tones that come together to create a vibrant, colour filled, buzz. They practically vibrate don't they?

I saw this yesterday - I think it might be from last year - even though it said Oct 5th I think they meant last Oct 5th. Anyway, I was drawn in by the lovely photography and the vintage hues, of course. A fab tutorial on how to line your envelopes in old wallpaper - what more do you need, really?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ffffound - graphic design

Some awfully beautiful and interesting things I have found at recently.

Incredible pencil advertisements by Paul Gabor via The Silver Lining.

Vintage book cover from here.

Book cover via We Heart It.

A ticket to L'Exposition Coloniale Internationale, Paris, 1931. From here.

Some Thoughts On The Common Toad - designed by David Pearson, illustration by Joe McLaren,

Spare Our Trees poster - the link to this piece is broken - looks like it was produced in the 1930s but then again it could be modern! Beautiful design

This vintage book on "Paper Toys" was found by Scott Balmer, an illustrator in the UK. Wonderful graphics and type treatment.

Vintage fashion find.

I went shopping this past weekend which, when you live in the middle of nowhere, requires some planning and research. I got a few nice things for fall/winter. One thing I noticed in the shops was lots of sweater dresses. Most were very baggy in thick ribbed polyester - yuck - very unflattering. then I saw this vintage one on Etsy and I thought why can't they make a sweater dress that's stylish, colourful and slim fitting? Like this one - a 1960s dress from Paris. It would look great with some black boots and a tight little black biker jacket - don't you think?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello Everyone! Thanks for stopping by this morning. I got home from a weekend trip into the mountains just a wee bit late last night to pull together a post for you. Sorry :-) Not to worry, I've got lots of pretty things up my sleeve for this week - so check back Tuesday morning to see what's new - see you then!

Doug took this shot - it's an avalanche shute just south of Nelson. The red alders are just starting to change colour - very pretty at this time of the year!

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