Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time for a trip!
We are off to Vancouver for the rest of the week. Off to visit Lisa, distributor extraordinaire, and to fill up on art, design and inspiration. We are going to check out the  "Golden Age of Dutch Art Masterpieces from The Rijksmuseum" exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery - can't wait - lots of Vermeer and Rembrandt and other talented Dutch chaps! Love this painting below by Cornelius Gijsbrechts(can you believe this was painted in 1670!)

We'll also be taking lots of photographs and visiting lots of cool shops  - I'll report back here next week - fresh and full of inspiration for lots of bold and beautiful posts. Stay tuned - lots of good stuff to come - including a very nice giveaway to start the week off - YAY!
Inspiration | photographic composition
Truly inspiring photography from IrenaS' Flickr photostream. This stream is called "Your Faves" and I can see why. She has amazing skill and an artist's eye - her compositions are fantastic - very inspiring, I really like the asymmetry.

Jessica Hische has a blog!
Illustrator, designer and briliant typographer, Jessica Hische has a blog - who knew, not me - how did I miss that? We featured her work here a few months ago and I was thrilled to find her blog. Jessica works for the Louise Fili studio and other wonderful clients. She designed many of the books I featured right here last week. If you haven't seen her work before prepare to be amazed - right here!

This is Jessica's new letterpressed business card - beautiful!

Very Hush Hush | Open for another season
A word to all my local Nelson friends and readers - Very Hush Hush will be opening their doors this week for the first time this season - same location, in the silver Airstream Trailer, Herridge Lane next to the All Seasons Cafe. There are lots of new designers and all the old favourites too - look forward to seeing you soon Tracy!

For some more information on Very Hush Hush you can see our post from last summer right here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photographer  Debi Treloar
Gorgeous photography from Debi Treloar. Originally from Zimbabwe, Debi studied art then photography. She has lived and worked in London for the last 15 years. Debi has worked on publications ranging from Elle D├ęcor UK, Italy, Germany, France and Japan. I love her style - these images are so intriguing . . . I think that our little town of Nelson would be perfect for a shoot like this because there are so many quirky, ramshackle old victorian houses and overgrown gardens here!

Ashley Rush from Rowan's Room wrote to me to tell me about her ribbon mirrors and chalkboards. I loved them as soon as I saw them(and I think you will too!) Ashley says, "Each one is lovingly handcrafted from an antique cabinet door (which makes this an environment friendly item). Most of these doors are over 100 years old, and they reflect those years through their unique beauty. The wood, originally harvested from such magnificent trees such as Maple, Oak, Elm and Eucalyptus gives each one it's own individual character. The frames, using mortise and tenon contain no nails, therefore enhancing the craftsmanship and unique appearance."

These are so simple and sweet and I love the fact that she hasn't refinished each piece and removed the well worn patina. Ashley has a great eye and all her pieces are a great price point. Check out the rest of her work right here. Thanks Ashley!
Vintage Treasures
I found all these pretty things here via Beach Vintage. This first picture of the apron really caught my eye and reminded me of all the pretty aprons that they sell at Anthropologie - they do a great job of reproducing those old apron styles but it's not hard to find originals in thrift stores(though usually they seem to be very small, have you noticed that?) Anyway, I love all the pretty colours in these vintage treasures especially the peachy pinks.

Inspiration | simple polymer clay flowers
These caught my eye on Etsy yesterday - polymer clay canes from Roni Gur's shop. Now I've tried making polymer clay canes for beads etc but I never had much luck keeping the shapes distributed nicely - these are perfect - simple and pretty and I love the fading edges on the colours. I'm feeling quite inspired to work on pretty coloured daisy patterns - maybe wrapping paper?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Neck of the Woods
Happy Monday everyone! It's a beautiful, long, holiday weekend here in Canada and I'm taking it easy for a few days enjoying the sunshine and the great outdoors here in my neck of the woods. I'll be back here on Tuesday morning bright and early - see you then!

This beautiful photograph of Kootenay Lake was taken by Ecstaticist(you can see more of his wonderful images right here on Flickr.) We're lucky enough to have a similar view of Kootenay Lake from the Cartolina studio(just wish I could take a similarly beautiful photograph!)
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