Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday - some thoughts - and a bribe
As you know, I blog so that I can reach out and have a creative voice from this rather remote part of the world. I hope that my posts inspire and influence. So I'm always thrilled when I hear from readers that something I have featured has influenced them in a positive creative way. Like yesterday when Janet emailed me and told me that she had contacted Sweet Petunia, who's product I featured here last week, and made an order of their products, including the Earl Grey Soap, for her store in Rossland BC. And like the day I featured that cool cabin-chic lamp - before I'd even had my morning coffee Lynda had commented on the post that she loved the lamp so much she had bought it! I love hearing these stories so don't forget to let me know if you have one.

And now for something completely self indulgent - as of this minute I have 489 followers - so close to 500! So I'm offering a special little bag of Cartolina goodies to follower number 500. Please sign up to follow on the right hand side(below the Modern Paper Goods logo) Leave me a comment and let me know.
Yes, you are right, this is a bribe - and I am not proud of it :-)

When I was a kid I was given a craft kit to make giant, tissue-paper, pom pom flowers. It was so fun and the results were so impressive. I am thrilled that large paper flowers are all the rage again. I love making them especially in the summer - you can hang them in a sunny porch or at a garden party. There's a great collection of images and how-to's on Martha Stewart's web site that you might like. I always like to give you a craft on Fridays that you can do over the weekend - kind of like homework :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I smiled when I saw this post on the very pretty blog Froken Paris. From what I understand the writer is extremely excited because she found this crocheted throw at H&M and she is going to decorate her guest room with it. I was imagining an all white room with a few dashes of colour and this cheery throw on the end of the bed - lovely!

Now I am not convinced that I would hang these on my wall because we live around a lot of trees and there's one too many log posts in this house, but I do think they are beautiful and really love the colours and the soft optical illusion. I think in a more urban setting these would look great. From Focus Line Art.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello folks - I have to zip out of town right now to do a press check for all our lovely new products. I won't be back 'til late so I'm afraid I won't have any posts for you tomorrow morning. Not to worry, there'll be something fabulous here on Friday morning - so watch this spot :-)

Just thought you might appreciate these beautiful images from Dwellings and Decor on Tumblr - an absolute joy to scroll through.

Aren't these fun. I found these images via Craft Gawker. The original photographs were shot by Sharon Montrose for Target. There's a fun little story behind these images - you can read it here.

I saw this fabulous photographers work at Ill Seen Ill Said and fell in love with the colors and the mood and the general shabbiness. This is the work of Janne Peters. Magnolias are just starting to bloom here and they are such a great way to announce spring aren't they?

Look at all this cute trim you can buy at Package in Style. The vintage style ribbon is very sweet and the crocheted Turkish trim is wonderful too. Imagine what creations we could make with all these pretty supplies . . . .

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So I just thought I would take a few more photos of my various collections - well no, not really - I wish! These are from Lost Found Art via Attic Mag. There are so many collections and oddities to admire and lots of great pictures too.

There was s a super inspiring wedding shoot featured over at design*sponge yesterday - did you see it? I just had to include it here - I love everything about it.
"Produced by sierra & juliet of poppies and posies and jackie of merci new york. sierra, juliet, and jackie organized a handful of local designers, stylists, bakers, and other talented people to collaborate on a photoshoot (shot by whitney & dustin of oh, darling!) focused on providing inspirational ideas for brides and grooms to be."

You can see the rest of the images right here.

I had to do a double take on this floor rug yesterday. Isn't it amazing? Made of small wooden tiles on a canvas backing. From Rocket St George via Art at Heart.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cartolina News
I have some Cartolina news this morning. We are very excited to share with you that our products are now available at Urban Outfitters in Europe. I didn't even know they had stores in Europe but apparently they have stores all over the UK and Ireland, and also in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Sweden. This will represent the first time that our products have been available on the continent so I'm very excited about that. You can check our retailers page for other UK retailers. We have loads of new product available at the end of this month(that's what's kept me so busy for the last few weeks) I'll have a preview for you here soon and, as is traditional, we'll have a great big Cartolina giveaway too - so stay tuned!

I found these pretty plates on Urban Outfitters Europe website - I think the designs are by Catalina Estrada if I'm not mistaken.
I was just about finished posting last night when I spotted this fabulous hand screen printed skirt. I couldn't resist! It's so cool, I would totally wear this. Made with Love By Hannah - fantastic!

I love these fabulous ornate trims. I think this first one is incredible. It's produced, by hand, using a technique called “Purl”. This is a "form of metal embroidery thread coiled like a tiny spring or tubular rolls. It is a specialised form of embroidery that is done by few people today." All of these pieces are beautiful and would look incredible on any project.

All of these beautiful things can be bought from Baubletjes
These wonderful pillows are handprinted in England. The muted and faded colours are wonderful. There are so many Union Jack pillows on the market but I love the way these are combined with other iconic imagery and complete disregard for the traditional colour scheme. Bravo! All these pillows are available from Helkat Design. I love the way this bird is superimposed on the flag image(can you still use the term, 'superimposed' ? - probably not!)

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