Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Have a great weekend everyone. I'm having some people over for dinner - trying out a new recipe - yikes! I have now officially hung this Bon Appetit print on my dining room wall - and I'm quite pleased with it. Stay warm everyone and see you Monday!

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Cartolina retailers

Every so often I get a list of retailers from one of our distributors. Yesterday I got a new list from the UK. The UK is one of our best market and I love the interesting stores that sell our cards. There is a wonderful mix of funky boutiques and iconic museums and galleries. I always think it's such fun that we sell cards at Urban Outfitters in London - and also the Victoria and Albert Museum! So here are a few of our latest stores in the UK, which I am very proud of. Harrods is new for us(I wonder how much they sell our cards for there!) Liberty is also new for us and I am humbled to be among such amazing designer goods. The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is such an incredible, folly of a building - a fascinating place where I am flattered to be selling cards! The Victoria and Albert Museum is new to us in the last few months and I am very proud to sell our products in their gift store amongst the beautiful products that they produce themselves under their own brand. The Tate Gallery(Tate Britain) is new for us too and in the past, I have really enjoyed the store at the Tate - I've bought lots of postcards and posters, it would be such a thrill to see Cartolina there. And lastly one of our latest stores is Designers Guild in London. I'm thrilled to be included with all the pretty things at Designers Guild. I'm so inspired by Tricia Guild - I wonder if they sell our french fashion cards, so much pretty pattern and fabric detail on those cards.


The Royal Pavilion in Brighton


Tate Britain

The V & A

Designer Guild
(Images from Wikipedia)

Colour palette perfection

I adore these tin teacups from Sushipotparts. I've featured some of these before but these are my favourite. The turquoise, the cream and the red is simply divine. So tiny and so perfect.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inspiration - globe stationery

This is wonderful - I almost bought this myself! This first image is perfection to me! I have a stack of old cahiers that I bought at Les Puces but none quite as wonderful as this one. From Bella Lulu.

Found - Inklings

These fab new designs from Inkling Prints go so nicely with all the beautiful things that I've already featured here this week. They are all right around $40 - which seems like a great deal for a hand printed, one of a kind piece. I found them at Poppytalk Handmade Market.

Vintage inspired illustration

From what I can tell these are illustrated by Tom Frost. I think they're lovely and so reminiscent of the vintage matchbox labels that I've collected for years. You can see more of Tom's work(and buy some too) at The Boy Frost.

Kitchen kitsch

This pretty little vintage, painted canister is from here. Lovely in your vintage inspired kitchen. So sweet!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random yardage

This super pretty fabric is from Jennifer Pagenelli. Isn't it pretty? The yellow makes it look very Proven├žial. I think it's lovely :-)

Mid-century graphics

With so much midcentury illustration being 'borrowed' these days it's great to see some of the real thing. This Etsy seller has the most amazing collection of vintage tea towels I've ever seen and some of them look brand new.

Retro wall art

These are really nice posters produced by Restyle Shop. They features classic midcentury iconic ceramics by Scandinavian designers, Cathrineholm, Stig Lindberg, Marianne Westman. They'd look great in any kitchen - country, modern or mid century.

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