Friday, October 16, 2009

Have a great weekend everyone. No I'm not off to Venice for the weekend - nice idea though . . . . . . . 

I just know you are going to love these images from Vogue Living Australia - they are so sumptuous and the type design is so delicious. I wish that more mags designed with beautiful type like this - Martha does, of course!

Random vintage objects
I often feature vintage buttons and notions here - they don't generate a whole lot of response usually but I don't mind, I like 'em and I think you probably do too because you all have such good taste. So I shall continue to feature them and presume you don't mind :-)
Vintage shell buckles are incredibly useful, I have a couple of beauties - if you are smart you will snap these ones up right away and then have fun transforming pretty scarves into even prettier belts(3 buckles for $7!) All this loveliness from Buttermilk Sky.

I was reading my friend Cate's blog the other day, Under The Blanket, and she was featuring some really sweet things from Liberty of London. I remember Cate telling me a while ago that before she moved to Canada one of her jobs in London was dressing the windows at Libertys - isn't that a fabulous job? She has amazing taste and I'm sure the windows were wonderful. Here are a few fun things from their gift store online starting with lovely fabric covered, boxed classic kids books. And some reproduction party games that are really fun.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have you seen these? - collectible covers from Vogue Living Australia. I love edge-to-edge pattern and colour (there's never much white space on our cards!) so I love these. The colours are fabulous and I love the huge graphics. They'd look great framed on the wall down a long hallway.

I must be feeling the chill - sweaters yesterday and polar bears today! I love vintage imagery so much and I love it when I see it being used well. I was over at Mamas Little Babies checking out what's new yesterday - she has a great technique with old imagery . . . .

Fresh Snapped
We all have a friend, or someone we know, who seems to have endless energy for creativity and never fails to surprise us with their next big project. Well my friend Lori fits the profile perfectly. Amongst other things(for instance fabulous before and afters for design*sponge,) Lori is the designer behind Marzipan Inc. cards and Fin and Roe personalized correspondence. She has a beautiful blog, Paisley Wallpaper, and now Lori is offering up prints of her beautiful photography in her new Etsy store Fresh Snapped Photos. Phew - I'm exhausted just thinking about it all. Good luck Lori!

I saw these on decor8 the other day - great to see something original and inspiring - I especially like the ribbon pattern. Fromthe Australian designer at Pony Rider.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brrrrrrr, it's getting chilly out! So I was excited when I found these gorgeous hand knitted sweaters on Etsy. This red wrap cardigan is quite fabulous and I love the sleeve detail on the grey sweater. From Ovejanegra.

There is a really great makeover project in Style at Home Magazine this month - a simple little side table from the thrift store is magically turned into a stylish bench using the most excellent faux suzani fabric. I was so excited to see this fabulous fabric that I thought I would share it with you(I think this would look great in our place) - apparently it is from Lee Jofa and is available in Canada at Invu Drapery, 4 locations in Ontario. This is a printed fabric(looks like a hefty linen to me) - so no chopping up of valuable vintage textile here!

These are fun and interesting - very large, limited edition, silkscreen prints by Hayley Carmo.

Isn't this necklace amazing? At first I thought it was brushed silver but it's not - it's leather! This beauty is from Eninaj where you can find all sorts of amazing leather jewelry.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I absolutely love these floral photos by Amy Chin - they are so unusual and not your run of the mill florists promo shots at all. If you look at these carefully you can see how skillfully these have been styled - each one is a perfect example of beautifully designed composition - they are perfectly pleasing to the eye - don't you think?

I picked this 1930 Needlecraft Magazine up at a yard sale on Saturday - I couldn't resist the cover - the colours are so vibrant and I love this gorgeous gals skirt.

It got very cold here suddenly yesterday and sent me hunting for a pretty blanket - these are lovely - from Anthropologie.

Random Objects
I am very interested in these wall storage units from Pottery Barn - what intrigues me more than anything is that I've never seen these in their stores - only in their catalogues. I'm sure I would go to Pottery Barn, when I'm in the city, more often if I knew they would have more items like this and less over-stuffed shabby chic sofas.

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