Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Weekend

Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend - how about some dancing? You can buy this cute poster here - now try and get that song out of your head!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gwen Bainbridge

These are so pretty - from British artist Gwen Bainbridge. I love the delicate form and the unexpected texture of these pieces The understated surface design is lovely.

Pony Rider

I thought you might like these lovely vintage inspired items from Pony Rider. I noticed them the other day in the Australian Home Beautiful that we received from the editor. The black and white table cloth caught my eye because it reminded me of a Haida button blanket. And then I also noticed the pennant flags - especially the grandma's scone recipe version. Nice idea!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspiration - Pollen Arts

I am so hoping that you didn't see these on the Etsy home page yesterday because I want to be the one to show you first! I love these. I was so excited when I saw them. I love how authentic they are - cast from the real thing. And there's something about glass being reproduced in a soft material like wax that is so charming and inspiring - makes me want to take a completely fresh look at everyday objects. The clever people at Pollen Arts made these and you can see more here.

Inspiration - Forest Bound

I'm really not a girly girl - I like classic clothes, jeans and Ts and recognizable materials and styles. I don't like trendy and I don't like fussy. I like natural textures and leather patina. I like history, provenance and vintage - and I really like these bags - made from historical textiles and hardware by Forest Bound.


What can I say? A simple, vintage, children's flash card of a bunny. So simple and so perfect. From Cottage Farm.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I saw this little sofa at Anthropologie in Carmel a few weeks ago and perched on it while Doug finished shooting pictures for me - of course I forgot to get a picture of it because I was sitting on it! So here it is from their site. It's very sweet and really quite small. The fantastical floral pattern is what makes it so special! A real show stopper.

Australian Home Beautiful

We are very excited and honoured to have the Cartolina app in Australian Home Beautiful this month. Here's a little clip of the page. We took the Cartolina brand into Australia last year and I'm very grateful to all our Australian fans for making it a huge success. Thank you!

A couple of very beautiful photographs from Paper Treasure. I'm sure you love the styling of these images - just as I do. I don't post a lot of interiors here anymore - mostly because it seems that everyone has an interior design blog these days and can do it so much better than I can :-)

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