Friday, October 17, 2008

Have a beautiful fall weekend everyone!

It's such a beautiful time of the year - all the signs of fall have arrived and there's a chill in the air. I am going to work this weekend, lots of great new designs for Cartolina to get ready for the printers. And I think it would be a great weekend for you all to practice carving intricate designs into your designer pumpkins a la Ms. Stewart. Hey, send me a picture! This is a picture of my pumpkins from last year . . . ha ha . . . not !
Window Shopping | World Market

As usual some lovely inexpensive decorative objects from World Market - you gotta love that store. The colours are so vibrant and inspiring.
Random Objects | Birch veneer trees

I thought these little birch veneer trees from Roost were really sweet. I think they are supposed to be a holiday item but I think they could be decorative all year around.
Perfect Picture
Sometimes a picture in a magazine stops me in my tracks. This page is from the soon to be defunct ME Home Companion. This issue is almost 2 years old - I ripped out this page and stuck it in my book. I love the styling, the colours and the textures of this image.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Objects | Wood and leather
Just a random collection of items that I fancy in the wood and leather categories. First is a dressing/jewelry chest from Graham and Green. Not sure that I actually could ever accumulate enough jewels to fill that but I do think it's quite lovely. Second up is a collection of wonderful old, french, wooden chopping boards from Sundance - also saw a huge collection of these at America Designs yesterday.

Wonderful leather bag and basket from Sundance and 2 wooden radios from Urban Outfitters. Hope you fancy all these things as much as I do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I just heard through the grapevine that ME Home Companion magazine is being discontinued. This is very disappointing. I really enjoyed the last issue and the wonderful images of Rebecca Purcell's work, studio and apartment in New York City. 

Rebecca Purcell's studio is a wonderful eclectic mess of intriguing objet d'art. You can see more of her work at her web site. Its a shame that we have lost so many good magazines recently.
Wake Up Eyeballs!
Outrageous wall paper from Osborne and Little. Imagine eating your breakfast with that wallpaper looming over you? Ha!

These really are all wonderful aren't they? Osborne and Little's site has lots of imagery - very inspiring for all of us pattern junkies out there.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cicada Recommends
Yesterday I featured a couple of antique clock faces from the Sundance Catalogue. Lucky for me Michelle from Cicada Studios sent me a note and told me about American Designs in Lambertville NJ. They have hundreds of original antique clock faces, and lots of other stuff too. Since I have been meaning to show you Michele's beautiful work I thought this was the perfect opportunity to combine completely unrelated subject matter in one post!

You can view lots of Cicada Studios beautiful fabrics here at their web site or here at their Etsy shop (she has a great blog too!)

So here are just a few of the amazing clock faces from American Designs - there are way too many too troll through in one sitting.  They really are wonderful. Definitely need to visit this place next time I am out east. Thanks Michele!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Window Shopping | Sundance
It's a holiday weekend here in Canada, Thanksgiving to be precise! But we are very busy at Cartolina so there's no rest for the wicked in this studio! Thought you might like to see what caught my eye at the Sundance catalogue online.

Really love these shelves - the details are fab. Every cubby has a brass name plate. Lovely patina on the wood. The display potential on these is way too exciting!

Apparently these clocks are vintage(?) If they are, then they are very cool - and huge!

Everything about these blankets appeal to me. The iconic graphics, the utilitarian colours and the down home vintage feel - Perfect for fall.
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