Friday, May 7, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion.
Yay, it's time to introduce you to Cartolina Collection IX. This collection is very special to me because I had a vision from the beginning and it took months to source all the imagery. Much of the images arrived damaged and torn so I had a lot of restoration to do before I could start designing. Many of the images are from the mid 1700s and are staggeringly beautiful. I was genuinely moved when I started working with each one. I think that the effort paid off and we have a great new collection of cards, notebooks and pocket mirrors! I hope you enjoy them too. All the new products are available as of Friday at Modern Paper Goods. Jennifer has posted a fun profile/interview avec moi just in time with today's reveal - you can read it here. Thank you Jennifer!

I'll split this post into 3 parts - cards, books and mirrors.
Here is a small selection of the new cards to start . . .

This is just a small sampling of the new cards - I will try and upload all the images later today to our Flickr account.
Our 100% recycled notebooks have been a staple in our collection since we launched them over a year ago, so we decided to upgrade them just a little this year with very pretty lined pages instead of the blanks pages - seems like everyone wants lines. So not just newly redesigned pages - but also some new cover designs to go with the new card collection. Hope you like!

Also available at Modern Paper Goods
Pocket Mirrors
Part of our latest Cartolina release includes our first of many Pocket Mirror collections. These floral images are from a very rare collection of botanical illustrations - they are some of my favourites ever. You probably recognize the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland - and the beautiful swan, which is an image that I have wanted to use for ages - so glad that I could finally find a perfect application. We are going to add new mirror collections often - they have actually been a very popular promo item for us in the past - great that we can offer them to all our buyers now.

Available at Modern Paper Goods

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I love this mug and I'm going to pick one of these up for myself when we are in New York next week for the Stationery Show. We'll be away from Thursday the 13th for a week. I haven't decided if I am going to take my laptop or not - it would be fun to blog from the show - maybe I should.

Think you can find inspiration in a box of hardware? I definitely can!

These are lovely - I like the ancient look. Especially the one with the large medallion on it. They look super as a group don't they? These gorgeous little treasures are made by Frosted Willow.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blog Alert
I have a new favourite crafty, stitchin' blog for you - Prints Charming. I am so excited to have found this fabulous blog run by Cath and Kirsten of the Prints Charming shop in Sydney Australia. This place looks like a stitchers heaven and the screen printed fabrics they produce are terrific. It is so inspiring - a world of pattern and colour and texture - and they have a new book that looks GREAT! You must go there now!

There's something very fun about this IN tray. The vintage adding machine illustration is actually drawn right onto the birch wood tray. It caught my eye and I think it might catch yours. From Babableu.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I stumbled upon this image the other day and how could I resist? I've always loved how the colours bleed and blend on vintage Chinese enamel ware. This picture is from Shop Talk - another great blog!

I'm not usually drawn to quilt pictures but I simply love this image and all these sewing inspired photographs that I have been admiring on this Tumblr collection. this gorgeous quilt is by Amy(from Amy a la Mode) and I love it's traditional but oh so current look don't you? And the styling on top of the vintage cupboard - love it!

Guilty Pleasure
So, is it just me, or has wedding photography become the new design porn? Is everyone sneaking around like me checking out all the fab wedding sites? I'm getting quite hooked - too bad I'm not getting hitched!

These beautiful images from Lauryl Lane

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