Friday, October 10, 2008

Inspiration | Magazines

It's pages like this one, from this month's Victoria Magazine, that makes spending the $6.99, that it costs in Canada, worthwhile. This is such a pretty photograph and I discovered Victoria Mag, all over again, after reading Erin's comment in the giveaway - thanks Erin!
Ephemera | stamps and cards

These are 3 of my favourite things. A postcard that I have had in my collection for as long as I can remember. I think she is probably from about 1920. And 2 French stamps from the 1930s that are simply stunning examples of the work of the engravers who worked for the french post office. Hope you love them too.
Cartolina Giveaway Winners! 

We have winners - 3 to be precise! Once again we plunged our studio assistant Mimi into the big bowl and she carefully snagged the 3 winning entries with her sharp little claws. So the winners are Pigtown Design, Erin at Bride Design and Michaele. So I am looking forward to hearing from you three and sending out your boxes of holiday stationery pronto! Congrats!
Inspiration | Interiors

I like these interior shots from House Doctor. I like the simple, neutral but not boring, palette. I would have to have wood floors though - concrete is too cold for me. I like a lot of decoration in my work but when it comes to my living or working space I prefer this style - vintage inspired, modern-rustic. Do you think this is a real home or a studio shot?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ephemera | botanical diagrams

Do you like these? I do. My  high school years were spent at a very old school in Scotland and in the science rooms there were all sorts of ancient specimens and weird stuff in jars - along the walls there were blackboards with dozens of these pull down scientific diagrams. They are very collectible now and I happened to notice that the fellow who had the yard sale a few weeks ago where I bought the 1930s Chinese posters had a number of these in his collection. So I think I am going to head over there on Saturday to see if I can buy a couple from him for the studio. I hope he still has them! These images are from one of my favourite blogs, more ways to waste time
Inspiration | Flowery things for your home.

{note the tiny bee on the shade above}

I don't actually shop at Neiman Marcus because I'm in Canada but they really do have some unique pieces that you don't see everywhere else. I am working on some new cards and notebooks and spending a lot of time looking at floral designs these days so these caught my eye. The light fixture is wonderful and I love the three dimensionality of the rugs.
Inspiration | Chinoiserie walls

Thought this would be a good place to start after yesterday's lovely chinoiserie. I presume above is a mural. I wonder how they convinced the home owner to splash yellow across the top of the wall, that was very daring - but it works for me! Picture from Dream Smile Design.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Inspiration  | Chinoiserie

Some examples of chinoiserie available here.  I have always loved Chinese textile design mostly because it was a big part of what lay hiding in my grandfather's teak trunks that he brought back from India. I will have to try and get some photographs of the amazing embroidered kimonos that my mum has stashed away(probably in the same teak trunks!)
Random Objects | Salvage

More wonderful stuff from Cleveland Art. I don't even know what that trolly thing is but I love it. If I lived in LA I would be at this store every weekend - sort of like a salvage yard groupy.
Random Objects | Inlaid storage boxes

Very cool inlaid boxes from Lombok.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Objects | Swarovski pencils

Mmmmmmmm - nice sparkly pencils - might make my drawings better. From here.
Repro Vintage Cameras | Leica and Rollieflex

{nice old photo taken with nice old camera}

I need a new camera and I am seriously considering buying one of these reproduction classic cameras. Both of these are digitally retrofitted and mini in proportions compared to the originals. We have actually had the originals of both of these cameras in the past and loved them - especially the medium format Rolleiflex. Beautifully designed classic cameras available at Urban Outfitters - who knew?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Objects | Retrouvius

Very cool images and great salvaged stuff from a site called Retrouvius. Love the pressed tin letters painted gold and the old cogs and wheels.
Illustration | GenevieveGail

This jewelry is really sweet and I love the 3 dimensional feel of the illustrations. Saw these first here. You can get yours here at GenevieveGail's Etsy shop.
Inspiration | Embroidered pillows

I find the designs on these pillows really inspiring. They look like the pen and ink scribbly drawings in my sketch book . . . love the pom pom trim too. Someone sent these pictures to me without a source. Anyone know where these are from?
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