Friday, August 21, 2009

For those of you, like myself, who wondered what had happened to Cobi Ladner, former editor for many years at Canadian House and Home, I have good news. You can now follow Cobi and her impeccable sense of style and design on her new site COBI. It says on the site, "After an enormously successful tenure at H&H, Cobi is now developing her own brand concept in the home and lifestyle arena. Her connection with readers and consumers is highly valued and unmatched in the marketplace and she is thrilled about re-engaging her loyal fans with a new vision of her own." I, for one, am very happy to see Cobi back in the media doing what she does best - creating beautiful spaces and details for real people. 

I love this, straight from the Cobi site - what do you think?

Here are the 6 things I (Cobi) believe to be true: No.1 Money does not equate taste. No.2 Good taste does not equate comfort. No.3 Design without soul is meaningless. No.4 Boring is as bad as a mistake. No.5 Trends have nothing to do with loving one’s home. No.6 People are like birds. Nesting is a natural and instinctive activity and should feel comforting and joyful, not stressful. If we listen to our instincts honestly, we get the best results.

Wow check out these repeating patterns on these vintage German books. The birds and trees are really great - should inspire all you pattern making ladies to create something fabulous I think - and don't forget to send me your new patterns - I'd love to show case them here!

These illustrations are from the portfolio of English illustrator Zara Picken via here. I love her soft vintage colour palette and her great sense of composition. They have a silk screened feel don't they? Very nice.

Random Objects
I haven't fed my obsession for old metal buttons for quite some time - so here they are, just for me! From Buttermilk Sky who has a lovely selection of tiny treasures.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Inspiration + Random Patterns
Lots of random patterns for you this morning, that I have been hoarding for a few days, starting with this beauty. Fabulous poster from Porto Rico - 1967. I know all the pattern junkies will appreciate this. The colours are fantastic aren't they?

Random Patterns
For your viewing pleasure. The first one looks like William Morris to me(though surprisingly current with the leafy fronds) - second one just looks really old - what do you think - 1850s?

Random Objects
I quite fancy these new pillows at Crate and Barrel. The first one is pretty but the petal textured ones are fun fun fun!

Trust the Portuguese to come up with such pretty soap packaging. Every time I see pretty soap it's from Portugal. Love the button closure - I've always liked that style of closure on envelopes and cards etc.

Images via
Random objects
I must have missed this on Design Sponge a few months ago - very cool visual/graphics. Great idea - like the string.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How can you not be inspired by this mirror. Cast iron, french and painted mossy green. Brilliant. Perfectly rusty and rustic. From Retrouvius.

Nicely designed bit of email advertising from Terrain. I have been disappointed in their email campaigns in the past considering they are part of Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie brand - I had high expectations. But this is more like it. I would certainly attend this big tomato festival if I was in Philly - just because of the nice poster.

Eye candy
Amazing photo styling by Laurence Pasquier - more here.

I'm going to be a photo stylist in my next life.
Eye Candy
Wonderful photography and dreamy spaces courtesy of Twig Hutchinson(great name). Checkout his portfolio.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Canadian House and Home This week!
I am very excited today to be featured on Canadian House and Home's Design Galleries series this week. You can see it right here. I had fun putting it together. I like most decorating styles but in general I prefer to decorate with vintage and found objects so my gallery features my own - and some of your - favourite interiors and vintage furniture pieces from the last year here at Cafe Cartolina. There were so many favourite images and I had to choose just a few - I have reposted them here today, some you will remember, some you may not - are they your favourites too?

Do you have a bike? I do. It's a rather old fashioned bike - Doug thinks it's silly because we live in the mountains - but it looks so nice! And these fabulous Swiss Army panniers would look simply perfect on it - and it's all about looks - right?

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