Friday, September 12, 2008

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for joining me this week. Have a great weekend - get out and enjoy the glorious days of September - best time of the year if you ask me! This beautiful image is from Alicia Bock as seen on sfgirlbybay.
Inspiration | Blues and Greens
I love blues and greens together especially sky blue and acid green. Here are some fabulous examples.

Middle interior photo is another from Tricia Guild's Pattern book. The quilt is from Urban Outfitters and the bottom image is from the amazing Mr Matthew Mead.
Design | Rice bag pillows

These are right up my alley - I think you might have guessed that! - Rice bag pillows. From Koko and Co.
Inspiration | Textiles

Great textiles from guess who? They never cease to amaze me. It's probably a good thing that they don't have store anywhere near me!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Inspiration | Textiles
I am a big fan of bold, oversized patterns and colour. So I was surprised that I hadn't seen these designs from Koko Company before.

I love to crop patterns and images in unusual ways which is probably why these caught my eye. I love their folk-artsy, yet mid century, patterns - what a blast to introduce these into a simple interior space. I post quite a few pillows on this blog (you have probably noticed that!)  No, I don't have a home full of pillows - it's just all about the surface designs  :-) 
Inspiration | Iconic clocks

These George Nelson clocks represent a series of simple, beautiful design icons that really have never gone out of style. You can still find these starry influences everywhere you look in today's design world. They are often featured in my doodles!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inspiration | Granny chic

Can't help but be inspired by these pretty little pincushions. They are perfect in colour, scale and dimension. Great examples of the modern craft revolution. 
Inspiration | Fabric

I was very excited to see these chairs in the Neiman Marcus catalogue. The top one, the peacock chair is remarkable - it's all about the back of the chair. I love the way it is paired with the striped rug too. I love to see well mixed patterns. The bottom one caught my eye because I love crewel embroidery especially on velvet!
Inspiration | Book covers

I often end up looking at book covers for design inspiration - I used to design lots of book covers when I was a free lance graphic designer. These ones caught my eye at Les Indiennes. If you love their textiles you will love these notebooks.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inspiration | Patterns
As I mentioned the other day, we are getting ready to design a new collection for Cartolina - so it's all about inspiration here at Cafe Cartolina for the next while!

Vintage suzani pillows from Madeline Weinrib and one of my all time favourite interior shots from Tricia Guild's Pattern book.
Design | Inspirations

I noticed these dishes at World Market the other day. I thought they were really great and they totally reminded me of traditional mehendi(henna designs). I was thrilled at the results I got when I googled mehendi - pages and pages of fabulously inspiring, over the top, swirly designs - luv 'em!
Inspiration | Kneeling pillows

Great patterned kneeling pillows, love the tiny pompom trim. I specially love the one on the right. From here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Inspiration | Unlikely places, part 2

Here are a couple more pictures from that book on cowboy boots - the last post was very popular, seems I'm not the only one who finds these designs inspiring - though it's probably safe to say that I may be the only designer/blogger who is talking about cowboy boots this morning!
Design | Vintage suzani upholstery

Love this chair. Love the movement towards using over scaled patterns for upholstery. Just a great way to bring some vintage, multi cultural style onto traditional furniture design. Nothing like shakin' things up in the living room.
Inspiration | Influences

Lots of similarities between the folk art design on this modern shade and the previous post, below, on vintage leather work.
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