Friday, December 11, 2009

Doug always has amazing imagery on his table when he is working - for inspiration. Here are a few pieces that caught my eye this week - thought you might like them!

Here's a fun, eclectic and colourful apartment to inspire you to add some quirky style to your home this weekend - it's sort of squatter-chic!

Here's a treat. These are images of the Bergdorf Goodman holiday window displays(the 5th Ave side) from Another Normal. Based on a "Through The Looking Glass" concept, they are truly amazing - take your time and check out all the details - the depth of detail is incredible. Enjoy . . .

Thursday, December 10, 2009

These wonderful images are from Suzannedudas's photostream on Flickr - so pretty! I would have jumped all over the first 2 items for sure(not sure what I would do with a picture of the lovely Mary but it's very iconic and beautiful.)

Thursday night is Mingle night in Nelson this week. It's a great way to socialize with other business owners and entrepreneurs in The Kootenays - I really enjoy it every month and have met some very interesting and creative locals. If you're planning on going - then I'll see you there - I'll be there early because I have to attend another function tomorrow night right after. 5pm to 8pm at Louie's.

My friend Corinna at Piddix noted yesterday what a very clever use of old chandelier crystals and vintage imagery this is - I couldn't agree more! - These would make very decorative and unique holiday decorations. From The Robin and Sparrow.

The over all graphic effect of these pretty buttoned pieces is very appealing - the perfectly organized grid of pretty mother of pearl buttons is quite intriguing. I was drawn to them as soon as I saw them.

So do they just not produce Spirographs anymore? Did your kid ask Santa for a Hypotrochoid Art Set for Christmas? This looks suspiciously like a Spirograph - it just doesn't have all the parts - so how good can it really be? If you really need to have one of these you can get it at Restoration Hardware - I wonder if Mr Spiro knows about this?

I was alerted to this by my good paper pal Molly at Artful Sentiments - thanks Molly!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Short and sweet
I have officially run out of steam today - yes, I have bitten off more than I can chew and so I am cutting it short today - but short and sweet. I am going to share with you these amazing images from the Grand Ole Bestiary. I was in complete awe of these when I first saw them on Cate's blog a few months ago - I hope you find them as intriguing as I do. See you tomorrow morning bright and early.

From the Grand Ole Bestiary shop - "The Grand Ole Bestiary is a collection of faux-antique, anthropomorphic, mythological curios. Each one carefully recovered from ancient catacombs discovered buried deep inside the molten core of a metaphysical holy mountain. Touted as one of the most compelling discoveries of evidence that proves an enduring existence of these magnificent "Manimalien" creatures that had long been worshiped and damned by human civilizations throughout history." Amazing - who knew?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Window Shopping
Beautiful, bold textiles and Christmas decorations from Niki Jones. You have got to love these Suzani decorations for your tree - it's the black details that makes them special . . . .

Window Shopping
There are some wonderful, folksy prints, textiles and garments on this site(Gudren). Take a look and scroll through the selection of really unusual artisan pieces. You definitely have to have a certain personal style to pull of this look but it's quite fascinating! Here are some items from their home collection.

These pieces of Shaker folk art are from Katy Elliott's blog. This first one is so inspiring - it's amazing to think it was produced in 1857. The imagery seems so contemporary.

All these super cute packaging ideas are available at Nice Package. I love all these clever ideas. And it's a great concept for a store. I especially love the first one - of course!

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