Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! We are hoping that summer will make an appearance at some point! This gorgeous image is from Uncle Beefy's Pinterest board (sorry about your computer Beefy - ouch!) Lots of amazing things to see at Pinterest and I love the way most of the images link back to the original source. Follow me here if you wish! See you Monday!


I spotted this here on Pinterest yesterday - I absolutely adore it - it has every element of design that I love and the styling is divine! Smitten! So now I am officially a 'pin head' I'd love it if you followed me on Pinterest - and I'll follow you back and we can share the inspiration!

Flow magazine

I was very excited to get this yesterday. Flow magazine is a Dutch publication which is all about paper and pattern and all the inspiring stuff that goes along with it. They asked us a few weeks ago if they could use one of our cards as their cover - I was so flattered because I know how popular magazine it is (and how beautifully designed it is too!) Anyway - I love how they designed the cover around the image - it looks fab! Thanks Flow!

Now I'm not sure that we all have Suzanis lying around that we wish to upholster an ottoman with but it's definitely inspiring isn't it? Your weekend project? From Better Homes and Garden - who really do have a great website.

Inspiration - vintage interiors(from the Café archives)

Fabulously mysterious interiors styled with vintage furniture, accessories and props - all from here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inspiration in the details

Followed a link from Bright.Bazaar yesterday and found this wonderful vintage french etagere. I love it - the details (the curly bits) are so perfectly designed aren't they?

Inspiration - needlepoint typography!

Super fun needlepoint patterns from Emily Peacock.

Inspiration - bon bon tins

Fabulous vintage french packaging from here. You can't go wrong with gold stripes and big black bows!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Romantic Homes

Hey, we got ourselves a whole page in this month's Romantic Homes Magazine! I was very excited to see Cafe Cartolina as the featured blog this month. And I love that they featured my great great grandma's snowdrop tea set - must tell my mother! They also featured my little pie safe with the biscuit tins, a great shot that Doug took in Fish's Eddy and a sweet little vintage egg cup set from Fan Tan Gallery in Victoria. Thank you Romantic Homes!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vintage honeycomb paper balls

I was so excited when I found these at a weekend yard sale. A dozen large, old, honeycomb paper balls. They are quite faded but mostly in pretty good shape. I think they are probably from the 50s. They will make such great decoration for a market tent or a store window or just hanging as a group in the studio. And they really are big - about 15 inches across.

Monday, June 20, 2011

DIY - book lamp

Did you have a good weekend? Do anything crafty or DIY? I'm a bit picky about DIYs - they can't look too make shift. I like this lamp a lot because it's unique and rustic and it looks so simple to make - courtesy of HGTV. All the directions are on their site - good luck - and if you make one - send me a picture!

Happy holiday!

Wishing you could take a vacation this summer but can't find the time? One of these vintage, mini caravans on your table will be just the ticket - from Shelf!

Inspiration - vintage engravings

These are fun, from Thomas Paul, via Bodega Shoppe - I love the envelope!
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