Friday, July 9, 2010

Interiors - the boat shed

Last weekend we went to our friend's place for a birthday party. We love going to Lou's for a party because the parties are in the old boat shed. I snapped some shots before everyone showed up - thought you might like to see them. Everything in this boat shed is authentic - no reproductions here, no shabby chic or Martha Stewart. It has evolved naturally over the last 30 years into a wonderful, comfortable, authentic space with real vintage lake charm. Tons of great lakeside memorabilia. It's a great spot for a party - and if it had been just a little lighter I could have got even more pictures - maybe next time - enjoy . . . .

Found - Homemade Home

Lovely ideas for your home from Homemade Home - by Sania Pell via Home Shopping Spy again(check out this blog - I think you will like it!)

Found - slip covers

A couple of neat things here from Home Shopping Spy - first up slip covers from Designers Guild made specifically for IKEA sofas from

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Found - Mega Doily Rug

This is one of those posts where I feature something so cool that I presume I must be the last person to know about it. Amazing Mega Doily Rug from Ladies and Gentlemen. There is something so intriguing about miniature things and over sized things. I wonder if she actually uses a huge crochet hook? Fabulous!

Inspiration - craft book

Where do you find creative inspiration? This is exactly the kind of thing that I snap right up when I'm trolling through thrift stores and markets. This simple cover has so much to offer - check out all the pattern and design ideas in the crochet . . .

Inspiration - Frederique Morrel

These amazing tapestry creations are from Frederique Morrel. All of these items are created in France from recycled vintage needlepoint. Their site is very interesting and there are lots of fabulous creations to browse through. I think you will find it very interesting. Thanks Fiona M !

Window Shopping - Star Mela

I am such a sucker for bright colours and intense, handcrafted details - these bags from Star Mela are amazing. I love the multicultural twist - a bit of Mexican style, a bit of Scandinavian flare, gold Indian threads and some Hmong embroidery - crazy beautiful. I can't pick a favourite - they are all gorgeous. Checkout the clothes and shoes they offer too - very pretty flip flops!

Thanks for the tip Fiona!

Window Shopping - Hunter Gatherer

My friend Fiona Macdonald in Glasgow sent me some great links to check out. I think you will appreciate her good taste. Here we have some vintage inspired goodies from Hunter Gatherer. Love this sweet little sewing set and the vintage cotton trim.

Inspiration - interiors

Simply stunning interiors from Anna Malin - so much inspiration on this website for my new whiter space - talking about which, we are going to go and check out new furniture this weekend - I am going with an open mind - well, to a point! Do you think this first cupboard is painted black? I was thinking more like a deep blue black - I think this could be a great alternative to painting the big armoire in the living room Spanish red.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Handmade skirts from Made with Love by Hannah. She seems to have a lot more designs on her site since I was last there - I really like this first one. I am a skirt gal in the summer - can never have too many pretty summer skirts.


These caught my eye at Craft Gawker - cute little origami rosebuds! There is a wonderful but complicated looking tutorial at Bloomize to guide you through the paper folding process - go on, give it a go . . .


I would like to tell you this morning that my favourite quilter Amy Hodge(otherwise known as Amy a la Mode) has a new website - So now you can buy one of her fabulous, one of a kind creations directly from her studio. I love her quilts - the colour combinations are so inspiring - especially this beautiful blue/green example below. And don't miss Amy's blog.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I'm away for a couple of days - but I'll be back tomorrow(Tuesday) morning. I prepared this post for you last week. These vintage posters are illustrated by one of my favourite illustrators from the first half of the last century, Dora Batty. Much of her work was done for the London Underground. You can see their amazing collection - and buy the prints right here. Enjoy - and see you tomorrow with a regular schedule.

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