Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Friday

Have a glorious weekend everyone - we have no plans this weekend except sitting in the shade reading books! See you Monday!

This gorgeous creation from here


These are definitely over the top but I find them quite intriguing. The patchwork of fabrics from so many cultures and eras is fascinating - and so skillfully combined. You can see lots more here at Bokja!

Inspiration - kimono style

I don't feature dresses on here very often! But I simply love the kimono style print on this pretty dress from here

Paper fans

Pretty paper fans from here.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Doug's new blog!

I'd like to announce that Doug has just started blogging! Yay!
I'd love it if you went over to his new blog and said hi. Doug has been illustrating for a long time and has a very impressive list of clients - he has loads of experience and if you're a designer, art director or an illustrator I think you will find his blog really interesting and fun. He plans to feature his own art and photography but also to offer some great advice to artists considering entering the world of illustration. You can visit him at his new blog right here!

Inspiration - layers of colour

Amazing felt details - of a much larger project that you can see here. Thought you might love this!

One more!

Just had to add this at the last minute to the crochet post - this is pretty unique - not sure how else to describe it really - colourful?

Inspiration - colours

These gorgeous handmade pieces are from this Flickr photostream. The colours are beautiful aren't they?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inspiration - window decals

I thought you might like to see these pictures. This is one of our local businesses here in Nelson that has recently applied these very cool, and very large, decals to all the windows of their building. I think they look great - the bright pink is a real show stopper don't you think?

Inspiration - Wilco poster

Another great Wilco poster from here. Wish I knew who the artists were on this one - Doublenaut perhaps? Love the layered, screen printed look - lots of hidden imagery - or is that just my imagination ;-)

Step right up!

Aren't these stairs fantastic? I love this idea - especially in a casual, cottage-like house.

Yellow stairs from here and grey stairs from here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Collection a Day

Yesterday my copy of A Collection A Day arrived from Uppercase - and it's lovely! Everything that comes out of the hands of Janine Vangool is a winner - she being the designer and publisher of the hugely successful, Canadian publication, Uppercase Magazine (which you must have a subscription to - you must!) A Collection a Day is a gem of a book. Packaged inside a fabulous, embossed tin with a hinged lid - love this. The book fits neatly inside and lifts out like a perfect block. Each page is devoted to Lisa Congdon's collections and it really is a feast for the eyes! The collections are so interesting and varied - everything from fish lures and bingo cards to birthday candles and hair pins. It's totally fascinating. The whole package - designed by Janine - would make a great gift for your eclectic friends - here are a few pictures . . . .

Inspiration - vintage thread cards!

Before homes were equipped with sewing machines, cotton threads were often presented on thread cards. The choice of forms and colours was very varied and these cards have now become collectable items. I'm seeing lots of these at auctions and antique markets these days - they are quite lovely. Very inspiring! These came to me via Julie Reed.

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