Friday, January 8, 2010

Enter the enchanting world of The Curiosity Group and prepare to be charmed. Watch this little 'animation' and then down load the PDF to make the main character. He's so sweet I can hardly stand it - go now - it's short and sweet and fabulous!

If you liked that last little animation then you absolutely must go and watch this little You Tube video of Lenka singing "Trouble is a Friend" (which has to be one of the catchiest little songs out there - be prepared to have it buzzing in your brain all day!) So cute!
Lost and found
I sure would like to know where this image comes from. I found it on a dead end link on Anyone know anything about this image? Let's just admire it anyway - even if it is homeless . . . .

Random images
I don't usually post random images but I found these grouped on a page at Dwellings and Decor on Tumblr and it was the randomness that caught my eye - I thought you would love them . . .

There's something very honest and lovable about this leather work from Moxie and Oliver. I was drawn to it immediately when I first saw it. I like the randomness and impulsiveness of the decoration - quite refreshing in fact. Each piece comes with a well worn patina - which always catches my eye!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Window Shopping
I have featured beautiful things from House Doctor a few times here at the Cafe but I had forgotten about them until yesterday when Holly over at Decor8 reminded me of how fabulous they are. Here are a few things from their 2010 catalog - which you are welcome to browse through for some inspiration right here.

Window Shopping
These lovely pillows are from Wisteria. I really enjoy the beautiful things they carry at Wisteria - and I have to say that I got a lovely email from them at Christmas to thank me(and other bloggers) for featuring their wares on our blogs. They said that they are a small company without a lot of money for advertising and marketing and that they really appreciated the exposure. I was really impressed by that!

Here are some lovely living room from Country Living. Each one of these rooms has something distinct about it that I love - for instance the amazing molding in the first image, cubbyhole shelves in the 2nd. These are all such eclectic yet livable spaces - very nice!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I was checking out the uber talented designer/ilustrator Jessica Hische's website the other day and I noticed a few things I hadn't seen before so I thought I would enlighten you this morning - inspire you to go out with your best creative foot forward. By the way, did you know that you can buy Ms. Hische's fabulosity right off her website? She sells giclee prints of many of her most popular pieces including the wonderful series of illustrations she did for the Boston Globe. And if you buy anything from her shop this week 100% of the proceeds go to help animals at the ASPCA. Here are a few beautifully designed pages from just a few of the gorgeous books she has designed . . .

Look at these gorgeous original chromolithographs. These are wood engraved plates from a book from 1869. I snap this kind of stuff up when I see it at flea markets and auctions. the colours are amazing, aren't they? - 140 years old - incredible! I get so inspired by beautiful vintage imagery like this.

This would be a very sweet gift for a baby's room, wouldn't it? From Splendor In The Trash - a wonderful vintage collage for the wall - what a great idea!

And from the same Etsy seller - amazing old barkcloth pillows . . .

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