Friday, September 18, 2009

It was very dark in here yesterday - did you notice? Lets brighten it up this morning - starting with this gorgeous montage of images that I snatched from super blog, Scoutie Girl - ridiculously pretty photographs by the talented Zee Longenecker

The curator of this Tumblr collection has awfully good taste. I love all her choices of interiors. Very specific, very consistent, very eclectic and tres chic. She has amassed a very impressive group of deliciously designed rooms for you to enjoy right here.

Random Image
I usually don't post individual images - I try to group them with some kind of consistency. But this single image caught my eye the other day on this Flickr set and I think you'll agree that it's pretty special(it's a very vintage light switch plate!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Location? Location? Location?
I wish I could tell you more about these images - they are truly fascinating. I found them here and there were no sources listed. Looks like they are taken with a Lomo camera and have been 'enhanced' a little.The bottom image looks like it has the Kremlin behind it. I expect one of you will be able to fill me in. Update: according to one of my readers this is Irkutsk, the “pearl of Siberia” Thank you - see link below for more images!

And now that I know these are the wooden houses of Irkutsz I have found you a link to some more amazing images right here.
Back in black 
I was reading about the Tine K Home Collection on decor8 the other day and had a quick look through their catalogue. I was surprised and intrigued by the amount of black in their collection. In the last few weeks I have really started to notice a trend towards black, grey and white popping up in European design and interiors. This is a trend I really like because it really fits well with the vintage, industrial look that I like - and makes any slightly dated country, or shabby chic, style look instantly stylish. Adding some black or grey gives a room drama and punch - just like that!

Well here's something different - I had never seem these before - well, until yesterday - found them at the George Eastman House Collection on Flickr. "Large Photographic Buttons were popular from 1900 to 1930. In their time the large buttons were commonly referred to as medallions and plaques. Most incorporate a photograph into a decorative border and the back has either a hook for hanging or an easel stand for propping. The borders were mass-produced and handpicked by the customer from samples and sample sheets. Buttons that are small enough to fit in a closed fist are most often true buttons with a pin-back, or have mirrors on the back and are referred to as pocket mirrors. Buttons of all kinds were purchased from door-to-door salesmen, photography studios, and through catalogs." So there - now we know - and there'll be a quiz later!

I'm generally not a big fan of Victorian graphics - I prefer earlier stuff and later stuff. But I tell ya, they really knew how to design with florals. A person can learn a lot from these graphics.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I found this sweet little dog on my very good friend, Cate's blog, Under The Blanket - he's so cute! He is from Little Byrd Vintage - I also found these other wonderful antique props from the same shop.

Brabourne Farm
Where have I been that I have missed this fabulous blog? - Brabourne Farm. This is my new favourite blog for gorgeous interiors with a casual elegance. You get a real sense of the author's own personal style - and it's stunning. I think you will love it. Go there now and take it all in. But watch the clock, you could be there for a while!

I'm always checking to see what's new at Little Black Rabbit I just really enjoy their work. This little purse caught my eye last night just as I was calling it a day - couldn't resist posting it for some lucky reader to scoop up.

Here are a few home accessories that have caught my eye over the last week - feeling a bit like fall around here so out come the baskets and the leafy things! The first 2 are from here and the last one is from Wisteria.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

These pretty little handmade pincushions remind me of some of the embellished cardigans that I saw at Anthropologie recently. This maker has a really good eye for colour combinations - I think it's tricky to combine subtle colours and still create a bold statement, which is exactly what she has achieved. Really nice - imagine if she did a whole cardi - yes please!

One of my favourite features on Poppytalk is the Affordable Art segment. Yesterday afternoon Jan featured this piece, The Barnacle Whale, from Native Vermont. I have been finding so much Northern Eurpean/Scandinavian vintage and industrial treasures recently(have you noticed) and there seems to be a lot of black, grey and white - I'm really lovin it. This contemporary piece would be perfect with all that old stuff!

I love this so much! A very old french stencil set. Found at Hi + Low via Cartolleria.

How useful are these - sachet keychains from Inklore? Did you know that Sam at Inklore designs, prints and sews all of her eco-friendly housewares and accessories. I think these are such a great idea and the simplicity of the fabric cache pot along with grey, black and white graphics goes perfectly with all the simple vintage treasures and accessories I've been featuring here for the last couple of weeks. 

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