Monday, March 2, 2009

Window Shopping | Henry Road
I love to get comments from readers and I appreciate every one, thank you! I always read them and if there is a link to the reader's blog or web site I always check it out. So the other day I clicked on the name of one of the comment writers and found myself at Henry Road. I was so excited to find all these beautifully designed patterns and products I immediately made contact with Paula Smail, the talented designer at Henry Road. I love her web site - not only are all the beautiful patterns and pretty wares featured so creatively but you really get a feel for the brains behind the brand. Paula has wonderful taste and a real eye for oversized, simple pattern(which requires great skill to pull off as successfully as she has.) So, this morning, enjoy your visit to Henry Road right here. . . .

Henry Road is located at 3949 Laurelgrove Ave, Studio City, CA. The web site is . Thanks Paula!
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