Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Victoria | Fan Tan Gallery
I am so excited to introduce you to one of my favourite stores, Fan Tan Gallery in Victoria BC. This wonderful store has been in this location for at least 25 years and has evolved into a fabulous collection of curious decorative items from around the world and truly gorgeous homewares. The location, in China Town, just adds to the mystery and intrigue and makes it all the more exotic. The wonderful storefront with the floor to ceiling windows is so dramatic - I get so excited when I'm going for a visit. I don't think I have ever left empty handed. It's a big store with 2 main retail areas joined by a "bridge", a back courtyard where the sun shines in and a very cool upstairs that looks like an attic(many of the China Town stores have these elevated gallery areas that are original to the building). The store inside is dark and colourful with old plank floors and brick walls. You can buy everything from furniture and rugs to jewelry and linens - all beautifully displayed in vintage fixtures and baskets.

This is the front area by the front door - you can see the elevated attic space that many of thee  China town stores seem to have.

Above is the front of the other side of the store where most of the furniture is(below)

This is the very back of the store - it's like a porch with a courtyard. There's lots of cool textiles and vintage kitchen wares back here - check out the huge selection of oil cloth - I have never seen so many great patterns. And aren't these aprons so cute!

Fan Tan Gallery is located at 541 Fisgard St in Victoria BC. You must go.


Suzanne said...

i WILL go!
i'm headed to victoria next month so am adding it to my "to-visit" list right now - thanks!

Jen said...

We have relatives in Victoria and I think we're due for a visit. I'm into bold graphic prints these days and I really like the b/w apron (I think it's an apron?)

jenni.t said...

This is so you Fiona!

Linda said...

It's settled. I am planning a trip to Victoria. The shop looks fantastic.

tinder said...

I'm so happy to see this! I lived in Vic for a short while in late 90s, and have a wee collection of trinkets from this favourite shop. But for the life of me, I've not been able to remember what it was called until now - I moved to Glasgow soon after and have just returned to Canada [now in NS] - thanks so much for putting a placename and fantastic photos to fond memories! :)

Mandarine D'Italie said...

What a lovely shop!! I love the Chinese lanterns, which I have been looking for in Soho (London's China Town) but couldn't find them anywhere!! I love this part of Victoria, it's so creative and bohemian! China Town in London it's more about restaurants and clubs!! Must plan a trip soon!!


I could get lost in this shop. And yes, the aprons are so wonderful.

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