Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Monday - I mean Tuesday!
Hello - hope you all had a nice weekend - It's a bit of a late start on the week for me. We got back from Victoria rather late last night after a couple of delayed flights. I'm feeling a bit blurry this morning! I didn't have a chance to upload all my pictures yet but I thought I would start off with a few images from China Town in Victoria - a small but very historic and intriguing area of Victoria which has also become a very stylish little corner of the city - and always one of my favourite haunts. We used to live in Victoria a few years ago and I spent a fair amount of time in this part of the city for a few reasons -  great fresh produce at the Chinese market, some of the best and most stylish stores in the city and my favourite coffee shop. So tomorrow I will show you my favourite store, Fan Tan Gallery, and today I have a few local shots and a couple from my fave coffee shop, Bean Around the World.

China town in Victoria is home to some cool, edgy shops, bakeries, cafes and tattoo parlours(above)

Many of the store fronts are very old and the buildings, I suppose, would be perhaps 150 years old(?) Below is the interior of Bean Around The World. Great coffee and atmosphere that you can only get after being in the same location with a loyal fan base for many years. Like many of the China town stores it is a very long skinny building with a brick interior walls and very high ceilings. They have an old wooden phone booth at the back for making calls with a great neon sign hanging over it. Lots of Chinese lanterns and vintage signage - oh and great coffee too - Black Dragon is my favourite.

I loved this tiny piece of stenciled graffiti - Victoria is a harbour city, in fact the city is built all around a fully functioning inner harbour, so the tall ship image is very appropriate!
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