Monday, November 2, 2009

Revisiting a past project
Hello everyone. I hope you had a fun weekend. We have more words than pictures this morning - how odd!
Yesterday Doug and I got up very early and went for a drive up the lake. We decided to go and visit the cabin we built 14 years ago. It's about a 90 minute drive from our place, along a beautiful, winding road to the north end of Kootenay Lake. We have probably only been there twice in the last 14 years because we sold it shortly after we built it. It holds a lot of memories for us - it was our first foray into the world of real estate. We bought the lakefront property for $10,000 which left us no money to build our little holiday cabin so Doug salvaged used building materials and built the entire cabin from recycled lumber, doors and windows. Our friends thought we were mad but the cabin ended up costing less than $1000 to build. And it was a summer well spent. It was fun to see it yesterday. The owners use it for just a few weeks every summer but I can tell they love it - there was a canoe and a fire pit and a well used trail down to the beach. But what I liked the most was to see how it had aged - it looks like an old miners cabin that's been there there for 85 years - I like that.

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