Monday, September 21, 2009

By the book
Not long ago when I was shopping in the US I bought one of those Pottery Barn decorating books at TJ Max for $4.99. I have a few of their books and I think they are really good - and I have to say I think that they are a lot more inspiring than their stores - which seem to have gone very dull and mainstream in the last few years. This particular book, Storage & Display, was printed in 2004. I finally had a moment to flick through it this weekend and here are a few of the things that caught my eye. First up is this display of old books covers - framed and hanging in a group. This looks really great and a very good way to display some of those fabulous old Penguin Books that I was drooling over here a few weeks ago(and really this is just a good excuse to post a picture of those delicious book spines again!)

These next 2 jewelry display ideas are great. This first idea of taking an easel back picture frame, lining it with velvet and displaying your favourite pieces as a collage of treasures, complete with an exotic family picture just makes me squeal - I love this! And then the 2nd idea, below, of using an old industrial display, in this case a cigarette cabinet, to store your sparkly jewels is superb. I would totally do this - if I had the perfect vintage display of course!

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