Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have some pictures to show you this morning of my studio(looking remarkably tidy I must say!) I'm not the best at taking interior shots - I always find it hard to get the lighting just right but these aren't too bad. The studio has very high ceilings - maybe 14' high which I love because it makes it feel very spacious. Recently I installed industrial gallery lighting which has proven to be the solution to bring good light in. I have a big open work space - a stock room and an office. The furniture is either from IKEA or the gov't surplice store for large mapping tables and drawer systems. the final picture is the view from the studio door - and lastly one of our regular visitors in the summer

At certain times of the year - spring and fall - we get a lot of black bears around the studio. They are very shy and harmless if you don't bug them! I feel so lucky to be able to stop work and watch the wildlife!
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