Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This month, thanks to Jennifer at GreetQ, our little Cartolina notebooks are featured in Traditional Home Magazine. I never realized what a beautiful magazine it is - gorgeous features, wonderful layout, nice quality paper. It got me thinking about magazines. For the last 15 years I have always subscribed to a great selection of home decor magazines but recently I let them all expire. I have been without magazines for a few months - and I've really missed them. I will hate it if more of my favourites go out of business because people like me are spending more time looking at online design blogs and e-zines than the pages of pretty publications. So yesterday I signed up for all my faves again, Style at Home, Canadian House and Home, Living, Sunset, Harpers and now Traditional Home. I also signed Doug up for Fine Home Building and Rolling Stone. I want to encourage you to buy more magazines, renew your subscriptions and encourage your friends to do the same - Doug and I can't single handedly prop up the industry by ourselves you know!

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