Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Doug's studio is in our house. Doug likes to have a small studio. Most people find it fascinating to come and visit Doug in his creative space surrounded by all his inspiring objects - I find it totally claustrophobic! He has so many collections and books and rough drawings and tracings - apparently he knows where everything is! The first 3 pictures are of Doug's studio.
The next 3 pictures are taken in the Cartolina studio where everything is neat and tidy and organized - well most of the time! I'll take some more studio shots in the near future.

This last image is of our Cartolina stock room just off the studio. You can see 3 levels of shelving in this picture - there are 7 rows of shelves on all 4 walls of the room - each one loaded with boxes of cards. I guess there must be close to half a million cards in this room - good grief!

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