Thursday, July 16, 2009

Road trip!
I deserve this little 4 day vacation - there, I said it! In the last month I have designed an entirely new collection for Cartolina, finished and launched the wholesale shopping site, renovated the cottage, done the taxes and moved my parents across the province - not to mention all the daily tasks around the studio - I'm exhausted just thinking about it! I am excited to be finished all the big jobs - cards are at the printers getting printed, studio work is finally all caught up and so we are off to the Okanagan(BC's wine country) for 4 days of relaxation - I can feel the sun on my face right now. So enjoy today's posts and I'll be right back here feeling relaxed and refreshed on Monday morning - see you then!

This is the view from Quail's Gate winery  -  some more pics from the winery right here.
Oh and I'll be tweeting as I go if anyone is interested  :-)
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